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Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray player multi-region hack remote

Panasonic DVD / Blu-ray player multi-region hack remote

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Prix: 13,98 GBP (15,41 EUR)

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  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Region Code: Region 0: All Regions
  • Model: Multi-region Remote
  • Playable Media Format: DVD
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Type: Blu-ray Player
  • Vendeur: traumax
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Glasgow
  • Pays: GB - UK
  • Lieu de livraison: Europe, AU
  • Numéro de l'objet: 110602620681
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Please note due to the current crisis delivery within the UK is occasionally taking up to 10 days. Airmail delivery within the EU is taking up to 6 weeks and to Australia up to 8 weeks. This remote will send the special service codes to enable permanent multi-region DVD playback (including RCE discs) on most recent European Region 2 and Australian Region 4 Panasonic DVD players, DVD recorders and some Blu-ray players. * Unlimited use * : remote can be used as many times as you want The mod takes about 1 minute to carry out and basically involves pointing the remote at your player, pressing the button, waiting until the green LED on the remote goes out and then switching the player off. See compatibility list below - ignore any suffix letters after the main model number of your player. Note that for Blu-ray players it will only enable multi-region playback of normal DVD's, not of Blu-ray discs. For full Blu-ray and DVD multi-region ability on some older Panasonic Blu-ray players please see my other items. Supplied complete with batteries and simple step by step instructions. Sony and Pioneer versions also available, see my other listings. Note for International Buyers: Airmail delivery within the EU is sometimes taking up to 14 days (for Italy up to 21 days) and for Australia up to 28 days. Typically delivery will take around half that time or less but please be aware that postal delays are possible, especially to Australia where 3-4 week delivery is not unusual. Panasonic Blu-ray player / Blu-ray Recorder DMP-B100 DMP-B15 DMP-B500DMP-BBT01 DMP-BD10 DMP-BD30 DMP-BD35 DMP-BD45 DMP-BD50 DMP-BD55 DMP-BD60 DMP-BD65 DMP-BD75DMP-BD77DMP-BD79 DMP-BD80DMP-BD81DMP-BD813DMP-BD83DMP-BD84 DMP-BD85DMP-BD91 DMP-BDT100 DMP-BDT110 DMP-BDT111DMP-BDT120DMP-BDT130DMP-BDT131DMP-BDT160DMP-BDT161DMP-BDT165DMP-BDT166DMP-BDT167DMP-BDT168DMP-BDT170DMP-BDT171DMP-BDT174DMP-BDT175DMP-BDT180DMP-BDT184DMP-BDT185 DMP-BDT210DMP-BDT220DMP-BDT221DMP-BDT230DMP-BDT233DMP-BDT234DMP-BDT235DMP-BDT260DMP-BDT270DMP-BDT271DMP-BDT300DMP-BDT280 DMP-BDT310DMP-BDT320DMP-BDT321DMP-BDT330DMP-BDT335DMP-BDT360DMP-BDT361DMP-BDT363DMP-BDT364DMP-BDT365DMP-BDT370DMP-BDT371DMP-BDT373DMP-BDT374DMP-BDT375DMP-BDT380DMP-BDT381DMP-BDT384DMP-BDT385DMP-BDT460DMP-BDT465DMP-BDT500DMP-BDT570DMP-BDT700DMP-UB300DMP-UB314DMP-UB390DMP-UB391DMP-UB400DMP-UB404DMP-UB700DMP-UB704DMP-UB820DMP-UB900DMR-BCT720DMR-BCT721DMR-BCT73DMR-BCT730DMR-BCT735DMR-BCT750DMR-BCT760DMR-BCT820DMR-BCT83DMR-BCT835DMR-BCT940DMR-BCT950 DMR-BS750 DMR-BS780 DMR-BS785 DMR-BS850 DMR-BS880 DMR-BS885DMR-BST700DMR-BST701DMR-BST720DMR-BST721DMR-BST730DMR-BST735DMR-BST740DMR-BST750DMR-BST755DMR-BST765DMR-BST800DMR-BST820DMR-BST835DMR-BST850DMR-BST855DMR-BST950 DMR-BW780 DMR-BW850 DMR-BW880DMR-BWT450DMR-BWT460DMR-BWT640 DMR-BWT700DMR-BWT720DMR-BWT730DMR-BWT735DMR-BWT740DMR-BWT745DMR-BWT750DMR-BWT760 DMR-BWT800DMR-BWT820DMR-BWT835DMR-BWT840DMR-BWT850DMR-BWT945DMR-BWT955DMR-PWT420 DMR-PWT500DMR-PWT520DMR-PWT530DMR-PWT535DMR-PWT540DMR-PWT550DMR-PWT560DMR-PWT635DMR-PWT655DMR-PWT720DMR-UBC70DMR-UBC86DMR-UBT1DP-UB150DP-UB154DP-UB159DP-UB320DP-UB391DP-UB420DP-UB424DP-UB450DP-UB820DP-UB824DP-UB9000SA-BFT800 SA-BT100 SA-BT200 SA-BT205 SA-BT222 SA-BT230 SA-BT330 SA-BT735SA-BT737SA-BTT100SA-BTT105SA-BTT182SA-BTT190SA-BTT200SA-BTT230 SA-BTT262 SA-BTT270SA-BTT282SA-BTT290SA-BTT300 SA-BTT350 SA-BTT362 SA-BTT370SA-BTT400SA-BTT405SA-BTT460SA-BTT465SA-BTT480SA-BTT490SA-BTT500SA-BTT505SA-BTT560SA-BTT590 SA-BTT755SA-BTT770 SA-BTT775SA-BTT790SA-BTT880SA-BTT885 SA-BTX70 SA-BTX75 SA-BTX77SC-BFT800 SC-BT100 SC-BT200 SC-BT205 SC-BT222 SC-BT230 SC-BT330 SC-BT735SC-BTT100SC-BTT105SC-BTT182SC-BTT190SC-BTT200SC-BTT230 SC-BTT262 SC-BTT270SC-BTT282SC-BTT290SC-BTT300 SC-BTT350 SC-BTT362 SC-BTT370SC-BTT400SC-BTT405SC-BTT460SC-BTT465SC-BTT480SC-BTT490SC-BTT500SC-BTT505SC-BTT560SC-BTT590 SC-BTT755SC-BTT770 SC-BTT775SC-BTT790SC-BTT880SC-BTT885 SC-BTX70 SC-BTX75 SC-BTX77 Panasonic DVD player / DVD recorder DMR-E100 *NOT* DMR-E30 DMR-E50 DMR-E500 DMR-E53 DMR-E55 DMR-E60 DMR-E65 DMR-E85 DMR-E95DMR-EH49 DMR-EH495 DMR-EH50 DMR-EH52 DMR-EH53DMR-EH535 DMR-EH54DMR-EH545 DMR-EH55 DMR-EH56 DMR-EH57 DMR-EH575 DMR-EH58 DMR-EH585DMR-EH59DMR-EH595 DMR-EH60DMR-EH63DMR-EH635 DMR-EH65 DMR-EH67 DMR-EH675 DMR-EH68 DMR-EH685DMR-EH69 DMR-EH75 DMR-EH770 DMR-EH775 DMR-EH80 DMR-EH95 DMR-ES10 DMR-ES15 DMR-ES20 DMR-ES25 DMR-ES30 DMR-ES35 DMR-ES40DMR-EX71DMR-EX72 DMR-EX75 DMR-EX768 DMR-EX769 DMR-EX77 DMR-EX773 DMR-EX78 DMR-EX79 DMR-EX80DMR-EX81 DMR-EX83 DMR-EX85DMR-EX86 DMR-EX87 DMR-EX88 DMR-EX89DMR-EX93 DMR-EX95DMR-EX96DMR-EX97 DMR-EX98 DMR-EX99 DMR-EZ25 DMR-EZ27 DMR-EZ28 DMR-EZ45 DMR-EZ47 DMR-EZ48 DMR-EZ49 *NOT* DMR-HS2 DMR-XP12 DMR-XP22DMR-XS350 DMR-XS380DMR-XW300 DMR-XW350 DMR-XW380DMR-XW385DMR-XW390DMR-XW440 DMR-XW450 DVD-CV51 DVD-CV52 DVD-F65 DVD-F87 DVD-K32 DVD-LS5 DVD-LS50 DVD-LS55DVD-LS70 DVD-LS80 DVD-LS82 DVD-LS83 DVD-LS84 DVD-LS85 DVD-LS86 DVD-LS87 DVD-LS90 DVD-LS91 DVD-LS912DVD-LS92 DVD-LV50 DVD-LV65 DVD-LX110 DVD-LX8 DVD-LX9 DVD-LX95 DVD-LX97 DVD-RA82 DVD-RV32 DVD-RV62 DVD-S1 DVD-S100 DVD-S24 DVD-S25 DVD-S27 DVD-S29 DVD-S295 DVD-S31 DVD-S32 DVD-S325 DVD-S33 DVD-S35 DVD-S37 DVD-S42 DVD-S47 DVD-S49 DVD-S511 DVD-S52 DVD-S53 DVD-S54 DVD-S75 DVD-S77 DVD-S97 DVD-S99 DVD-XV10 NV-VHD1 NV-VP21 NV-VP23 NV-VP26 NV-VP28 NV-VP30 NV-VP31 NV-VP32 NV-VP33 SA-DP1 SA-DT110 SA-DT310 SA-HT1000 SA-HT15 SA-HT1500 SA-HT17 SA-HT330 SA-HT335 SA-HT340 SA-HT500 SA-HT520 SA-HT530 SA-HT535 SA-HT540 SA-HT545 SA-HT720 SA-HT830 SA-HT833 SA-HT840 SA-HT845 SA-HT850 SA-HT855 SA-HT870 SA-HT880 SA-HT885 SA-HT900 SA-HT920 SA-HT930 SA-HT990 SA-MT1 SA-NC6 SA-NC9 SA-PM39SA-PM86SA-PM91 SA-PT150 SA-PT160 SA-PT170 SA-PT175 SA-PT250 SA-PT350 SA-PT450 SA-PT460 SA-PT467 SA-PT470 SA-PT480 SA-PT550 SA-PT560 SA-PT570 SA-PT580 SA-PT650 SA-PT70 SA-PT750 SA-PT850 SA-PT860SA-PT865 SA-PT870SA-PT875SA-PT90 SA-PT950 SA-PTX5 SA-PTX50 SA-PTX60 SA-PTX7 SA-RT30 SA-RT70 SA-ST1 SC-DP1 SC-DT110 SC-DT310 SC-HT1000 SC-HT1500 SC-HT330 SC-HT335 SC-HT340 SC-HT500 SC-HT520 SC-HT530 SC-HT535 SC-HT540 SC-HT545 SC-HT720 SC-HT830 SC-HT833 SC-HT840 SC-HT845 SC-HT850 SC-HT855 SC-HT870 SC-HT880 SC-HT885 SC-HT900 SC-HT920 SC-HT930 SC-HT990 SC-MT1 SC-NC6 SC-NC9 SC-PM39SC-PM86 SC-PM91 SC-PT150 SC-PT160 SC-PT170 SC-PT175 SC-PT250 SC-PT350 SC-PT450 SC-PT460 SC-PT467 SC-PT470 SC-PT480 SC-PT550 SC-PT560 SC-PT570 SC-PT580 SC-PT650 SC-PT70 SC-PT750 SC-PT850 SC-PT860SC-PT865 SC-PT870SC-PT875SC-PT90 SC-PT950 SC-PTX5 SC-PTX50 SC-PTX60 SC-PTX7 SC-RT30 SC-RT70 SC-ST1

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