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Story Time Bundle/ Lot of 20 Story Books for toddlers Fun Great Gift Bedtime

Story Time Bundle/ Lot of 20 Story Books for toddlers Fun Great Gift Bedtime

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Prix: 14,99 USD (12,19 EUR)

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  • Topic: Books, Kids, StoryBooks, Bedtime stories
  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: Franklin
  • Title: Goodnight Moon
  • Type: Children's
  • Special Interest: Teacher
  • Features: Lot
  • Subject: Fiction
  • Author: Catherine Walters
  • Publication Year: mixed
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Genre: Bedtime Stories & Nursery Rhymes
  • Age Level: Under 2 Years, Ages 2-3
  • Special Attributes: Illustrated, Mini
  • Vendeur: bluevasemarketplace
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  • Pays: US - US
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Story Time Bundle/ Lot of 20 Story Books for toddlers Fun Great Gift Bedtime! The books in this lot are meant as story books to be read to your children. They are not necessarily at reading levels for toddlers. This random collection of 20 story books are a great way to read to your toddlers and are great for bedtime stories. These books are packed specifically for toddlers/pre-school aged children. All books have been used, but there are certain occasions where there will be brand new books in your lot. Condition!All books have been quality checked for writing, missing pages, water damage, and ripped pages. These books are stored in a warehouse where they are subject to a little dust. All books are from a smoke FREE environment and remains in good working condition with little wear on outside corners. Please see photos for a better idea of the condition of these books. What to expect in your lot! In your lot of 20 toddler Storytime books, you will receive a mix of paperback, hardcover, or board books. The amount of each will vary depending on supply at time of shipping your item. We guarantee that we can do up to 3 lots of 20 toddler books (60 books total) with no duplicates in a single order. Once separate orders are made we can not guarantee there will be no duplicates. Since we are a used bookstore we unfortunately cannot accept requests on certain titles, format of books, and series as we most likely would be unable to fulfill these said requests. Please note that the pictures shown above are sample pictures of lots we have sent out. You will not be receiving the exact books pictured above as they are example photos for what you could receive in your order. Shipping Policy! Your order will usually be shipped in 24 hours of when your order was placed.We provided money back guarantee, if you are unhappy with your order or have any issues with your order please contact us immediately and we will either refund your order or send you replacement books. We have a 30 day return policy ( free returns).We offer free shipping! Our standard shipping service is USPS which can range from 4 to 14 business days!

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