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3.5 Inch Copper Nails for Killing Trees, Stumps & Roots - 20 Count

3.5 Inch Copper Nails for Killing Trees, Stumps & Roots - 20 Count

These Killer Spikes Make Tree Removal Easier

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Prix: 18,99 USD (15,67 EUR)

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The easy way to take out a nuisance tree or stumpLong, 3.5 inch solid copper spikes for maximum effectWon't disturb or harm the surrounding area, landscape or soilHelps clear properties and stop invasive species from taking rootPackage includes 20 solid copper nail spikes (Made in the USA)Also great for:House projectsDIY craftsmanshipBoat buildingScience experiments (make a battery with a potato or lemon!)Decor Long, Solid Copper Tree & Stump Killing Nails THE EASY WAY TO KILL AN UNWANTED STUMP OR TREE - In the right dose copper is fatal to trees and with these solid copper spikes you can hammer several into your unwanted tree and let the copper do the work. BIG, 3.5 INCH SPIKES ARE THE KEY - Regular copper nails either aren't long enough or are only copper plated and don't contain enough copper to get the job done. These long spikes pack the necessary copper-power to take down stubborn stumps. NO FUSS, NO MESS - Using copper nails allows you to eliminate a stump without damaging the surrounding soil or landscape (unlike other methods). HOW-TO: Prepare by drilling pilot holes (using a ~1/8" or 9/64" drill bit) into the base of the tree stump. This will allow you to pound in the relatively soft copper spikes without bending them. Space the holes evenly around the the circumference of the stump. The number of nails is up to you however more copper will give you better and faster results so spacing the nails closely is recommended. Use a minimum of 10 nails for a 2 foot diameter tree and more for larger diameter stumps. For trees with thick bark remove a strip of bark before hammering in nails (to ensure maximum penetration). WHAT'S INCLUDED? The package includes 20 copper spikes each measuring in at 3.5 inches long. Made in the USA

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