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Sad Pack Custom Pokemon All Vintage 11 Booster Card Custom Pack!

Sad Pack Custom Pokemon All Vintage 11 Booster Card Custom Pack!

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Prix: 23,88 USD (19,75 EUR)

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Caractéristiques de l'objet
  • Set: Promo
  • Features: Booster
  • TV Show: Pokémon
  • Manufacturer: Unbranded
  • Configuration: Booster Pack
  • Card Condition: Excellent to Mint
  • Vendeur: sad_dragoon
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Katy, Texas
  • Pays: US - US
  • Lieu de livraison: US, CA, GB, CN, MX, DE, JP, FR, AU, RU, DK, RO, SK, BG, CZ, FI, HU, LV, LT, MT, EE, GR, PT, CY, SI, SE, KR, ID, TW, ZA, BE, HK, IE, NL, PL, ES, IT, AT, BS, IL, NZ, PH, SG, CH, NO, SA, UA, AE, QA, KW, BH, HR, MY, CL, CO, CR, DO, PA, TT, GT, SV, HN, JM, AG, AW, BZ, DM, GD, KN, LC, MS, TC, BB, BD, BM, BN, BO, EG, GF, GG, GI, GP, IS, JE, JO, KH, KY, LI, LK, LU, MC, MO, MQ, MV, NI, OM, PK, PY, RE, UY
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Hello, and thank you for viewing my Sad Packs! Each pack has been hand created by myself and contains ONLY vintage pokemon cards.I consider vintage as only Wizards of the Coast Cards. These are the first 2 generations of pokemon cards which include: Base, Jungle, Fossil, Base Set 2, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, Neo Revelation, Neo Destiny, Southern Islands, Legendary Collection, Expedition Base Set, Aquapolis, and Skyridge. Vintage Black Star Promos are a possibility as the rare card also! Now, each pack contains 11 vintage Pokemon cards from any of these sets. The setup of cards is very similar to if you were opening a base set booster pack. This means you will receive 6 commons, 1 energy, 1 rare, and then 3 uncommons. There is a 1:3 chance at a holo card in each pack, just like the vintage packs provide! There are 3 twists with my packs: first, you will receive 1 first edition or shadowless card in each pack. Second, you will receive only cards from the vintage sets mentioned above in the same pack and third, one of the cards you receive could be a vintage Japanese card! Just like in the vintage packs, there is unfortunately a chance at receiving a trainer or energy card as the rare as well. The condition of these cards ranges from Lightly Played to Mint. I have tried my best to remove anything that looks handled roughly. Lightly Played: Cards in Lightly Played (LP) condition may have minor border or corner wear or even just slight scuffs or scratches. There are no major defects such as liquid damage, bends or issues with the structural integrity of the card. Noticeable imperfections are okay, but none should be too severe or at too high a volume. Near Mint: Cards in Near Mint (NM) condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling, play or handling and can have a nearly unmarked surface, crisp corners and unblemished edges outside of a few minimal flaws. I really hope you enjoy opening these packs. The reason I made these is to provide people with a more affordable opportunity at opening vintage packs without paying over $100 and a lot of time have been put into them to provide a higher quality product. Sad Pack Custom Pokemon All Vintage 11 Booster Card Custom Pack!. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

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