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Rebuild for some BRIGGS and STRATTON ENGINE 10, 11 ,12 , 12.5 ,13hp

Rebuild for some BRIGGS and STRATTON ENGINE 10, 11 ,12 , 12.5 ,13hp

NO standard pistons at this time, only have 010 020 030

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Prix: 109,99 USD (89,56 EUR)

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bakt4kids (83666) 99,8% évaluations positives
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  • Model: Please message me model number before purchase
  • Type: Engine
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Type of Mower: some Briggs Stratton 10, 11, 12, 12.5 13hp
  • Part: engine
  • Brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • Vendeur: bakt4kids
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Wauseon, Ohio
  • Pays: US - US
  • Lieu de livraison: Monde entier
  • Numéro de l'objet: 121148616574
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We have no standard pistons and only have 010, 020 or 030. This rebuild does not fit all Briggs and Stratton engine horse power stated. You MUST message me your model number first to confirm that it will work before you purchase and if it is confirmed, then restate model number and piston size when making payment.Please message me before buying to confirm with me that this will work on your model number. If your model number starts with a 300 or 326 or any configuration that starts with a 3, this will not work. Also WILL NOT FIT ANY VANGUARD ENGINEEvery model number takes different parts and the model number must also be re-stated with the payment so the payment and model number and piston size information link up, THIS MUST BE DONE! If no information is stated, I will assume you have the most common model number 286707 and send those parts in standard. I am sorry that Briggs made 100s of model numbers and I am sorry that different model numbers take different parts. I am sorry if you do not state the model number and I am sorry in advance that I ship your parts the same day they are ordered. I am sorry, ebay charges me a seller fee of $20.00 to sell this kit on ebay and I am sorry I have a 100% positive feedback. I am sorry that I am one of ebays highest sellers with a perfect 5.0 customer service rating and get fined 20% on my seller fees if I do not ship with in 24 hrs. I am sorry, I am sorry I am not allowed to hold orders. I am sorry if you do not respond to my many emails I will send you if you do not give me the needed information. I am sorry if you make purchases on ebay by looking at the picture and you do not read the description. One thing I am not sorry about is the fact that when you pay, I ship. PERIOD. If you want to make a purchase and do not care when it gets shipped, purchase from one of the many other people selling this kit at a higher price and do not carry any inventory and do not care if they send you the right parts or not. After you have confirmed with me that this is the correct rebuild kit, You can then make your purchase. Please note that you MUST re-state your ENGINE MODEL NUMBER and PISTON SIZE___ with payment so I can ship you the correct parts. If you do not give me the proper information, EBAY MAKES US SHIP WITHIN 24HRS and we will send the parts of our choice. This can be done in Paypal (leave seller a message) when making payment or by phone/email, I WILL ALSO MESSAGE ASKING FOR THE INFORMATION AND YOU WILL JUST NEED TO ANSWER THIS MESSAGE. We will ship within 24 hrs of payment per ebay rules, so it is important that you give us the correct information. (all model numbers take different parts and the parts shipped depend on the engine model number given with the payment)As stated above, you must re-state your engine model number and piston size with payment!!!!! PLEASE NOTE TO ALL CRAZY PEOPLE.......The picture in the description was taken in 2001 and sold at that time, I do not change the picture after every sale and the picture is a file photo only and it would be crazy for anyone to complain because they did not get the exact actual parts that are in the picture. I will send the correct parts that go to your engine model number you tell me. I know this sounds crazy but a claim was actually filed against me because a customer did not get the actual parts in the picture even though they were not the parts that went to their engine model number. If you purchase, you must understand that I will send the parts that go to the model number you give me. It is crazy I have to put in the dis-claimer but there are crazy people out there that just want parts for free and I am not in the business on giving away free parts because you did not get the actual exact parts in the picture that were sold and shipped 20 years ago.Please note, you must re-state your engine model number and piston size with payment!!!!! Selling a NEW ENGINE REBUILD KITS: for a Briggs and Stratton 11, 12, 12.5 and some 13HP. PLEASE EMAIL ME BEFORE BIDDING AND GIVE ME YOUR MODEL NUMBER TO MAKE SURE THIS WILL FIT. Briggs has to many model numbers that this kit will fit for me to list them all. This rebuild will fit: Most 10, 11, 12, 12.5 and some 13HP BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINES. Anybody can rebuild their own engine in a few hours when you have all the parts. ALL MY PARTS ARE HIGH QUALITY, PURCHASED THRU STENS/ROTARY ALL MADE TO BRIGGS AND STRATTON SPECS. Cylinder Bore Chart.. Not for machine shop useStd 3.4365"- 3.4375" Out at this time.010 3.4465"- 3.4475".020 3.4545"- 3.4575".030 3.4665"- 3.4675"Please note, you must re-state your engine model number and piston size with payment!!!!! The kit comes with: New piston and Rings. ****Piston sizes available, Standard, +.010, +.020 or .030 Please note that people from out of Country keep purchasing and giving sizes in metric, I do not know what that is and I only have in 010, 020 or 030. If you order and request 80mm, you will get 010, if you order and say you want 120mm, you will get 010 size, if you order and request 175mm, you will get 010 size. If you order and don't tell me the size, you will get 010. If you order and say you want .020, then bingo! you will get .020. That is how it works . DO NOT GIVE ME METRIC SIZES, PERIOD!Complete gasket set with seals. Crank Seals. Wrist pin and clips New Standard connecting rod. I sell rebuilds for Briggs, Kohler and a few Tecumseh on ebay so check out my other auctions!!!! If you purchase, Did you state the engine model number and piston size? If you want the correct parts, you must tell us the information. Please note, you must re-state your engine model number and piston size with payment!!!!! CHECK OUT MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR THE TOOLS TO REBUILD YOUR OWN ENGINE, QUALITY TOOLS AND COST SAVING PRICES.. . I will even give you the torque specs. Email any questions and check out my other auctions. THANKS FOR LOOKING! Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application

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