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BUILT FROM A KITCHEN SWING BIN,SOME MDF.AND A CORDLESS DRILL!SUITS BOY OR GIRL FROM under 2 years old up to 5 years.This one is in New Zealand: Click the centre arrow to view NZVideo will open in a new window HOW TO BUILD THIS AMAZING CHILDREN'S CAR - YouTubeVideo will open in a new window Make the wooden base,add the frame and modify the bin to make the body! LIGHTNING CARS PRESS RELEASE These cars are truly Amazing! You only need DIY skills and simple tools to build one. The instructions are filled with colour photographs and detailed drawings of every stage of the build. Everything either screws or bolts together onto a simple wooden frame cut from just 5 pieces of plywood or MDF using full size paper patterns (Templates) that make the job easy. You just drill the holes where shown and assemble the frame before bolting on the axles etc. Finally, cut the back out of a self coloured high gloss kitchen swing bin to form the 'body shell' Driven by just about any cordless drill, mounted safely under the seat, these cars will accelerate up to 6mph (Jogging speed) up hill and down dale on tarmac, gravel or mown grass for around 40 minutes non stop, on a single charged battery pack. You can keep a charged spare in the boot for extra duration. Most drills have two speed settings and the lower setting will deliver a speed of just 3mph! Perfect for learner drivers!Better still, as soon as the accelerator pedal is released the car just stops automatically and will not roll. they are light enough to pick up and will easily fit on the back seat of most cars, so trips to the park are no problem. They are sturdy, quiet and qu ck, unlike the slow noisy shop bought toys they are very reliable and easy to fix! Kids love them as they sit in the car to drive it, not on it. You need the plans and patterns set (With Build Manual) to start. You can then buy the nuts,bolts etc locally or online. If you haven't got the time or inclination to trawl round the shops you can buy the full mechanical parts kit which contains everything you need down to thee last brake cable,nut bolt, hinge, screw and washer to make it go, start and stop!. You supply the cordless drill, the MDF and and the plastic bits! YOU GET A 40 page ILLUSTRATED BUILD MANUAL (cd) PLUS PAPER TEMPLATES (cutting patterns for the wooden parts) A full parts list of everything you need ( Nuts and bolts etc), Plus full instructions.These cars are fast (up to 6mph) and quiet, have a long battery duration, will carry kids under 5 Years old, will handle mown grass and undulating parkland slopes etc. no problem! You can find all the parts 'off-the-shelf' locally No time to shop around? You can buy a full parts pack from us containing all the mechanical parts. Two styling options: The Lotus Seven look with added nosecone and separate headlights (shown in the lead picture) or the basic version seen in the other photos. HISTORYBelow is a video of the 2010 prototypesLIGHTNING RACE CAR FROM A KITCHEN SWING BIN! Update; BUY THE PLANS at; - YouTubeVideo will open in a new window YOU CAN ALSO BUY THE FULL PARTS KIT FOR £150 -Ready to assemble See our other eBay listings. Hi I have received plans (Build pack) from you for car, what a brilliant idea I am in the process of making one for our Granddaughter, its so easy to construct and all who see plans love it, no queries about build ............ Many Thanks for giving me something interesting to do. David Brown. More details on our classifiedd listings -see 'sellers other items') to see parts prices, customers cars being built and kid's having fun! These cars will fit on the back seat of your car. No heavy leisure battery The car is powered by the drill's battery pack Safe and easy for the youngest child to use with automatic braking Easy and simple to construct they have a small enough turning circle to use in your garden 2 Ways to build! A parts price list that comes with the plans. OR You can buy our £150 mechanical parts kit that includes axles, steering assembly, brake cables, hinges etc. etc.,and every last nut bolt and washer to complete the build! including 4 high quality, lightweight, puncture proof, classic 5 spoke wheels with integral bearings. The 'Lightning'* Suits children over ywo and under five years old. * Running time approx 40 mins continuous use on charged battery pack. Top speed approx 6mph or 3mph using half speed setting on the drill. * Simple nut/bolt construction -No wiring! *The frame is made from just 5 pieces of plywood/MDF cut out using the paper templates *The body-shell is a SELF COLOURED HIGH CLOSS Kitchen Swing Bin! * The mudguards are cut from 2 plastic garden sieves! FULL INSTRUCTIONS,WITH FULL SIZE PAPER TEMPLATES (Like dress making patterns) FOR CUTTING OUT THE 5 wooden SHAPES, COME WITH THE PLANS (#Overseas customers see notes below) MORE INFORMATION BELOW Hi i bought the plans and parts from you for one of your swing bin cars this time last year to build for my son for Christmas 2012 and would like to share some pictures of the finished item and say thank you for such an enjoyable time building the car , i am a panel beater by trade and now work as an insurance engineer and had the car spray painted where i work and had the interior trimmed in cream leather and plush cream carpet, a bit of over the top but everyone who has seen it cannot believe what it is made from and are amazed at the cost of the finished itemplease feel free to use these pictures in any way you would like and once again thank you for taking the time and thought in the build process for these superb carsmel johnston *YOU CAN USE ANY CORDLESS DRILL The drill operates one rear wheel. The rear axle adjusts forward to maintain drive between the drill chuck and the tyre. The drill trigger is operated remotely via a bicycle brake cable connected to a hinged 'flap' accelerator pedal SINGLE ACCELERATOR PEDAL OPERATION AND AUTOMATIC BRAKING * NO WELDING OR WIRING NEEDED * SIMPLE 'OFF-THE-SHELF' NUT AND BOLT CONSTRUCTION * YOU CAN BUY ALL THE PARTS LOCALLY ALTERNATIVELY: WE HAVE A PARTS PRICE LIST IF YOU PREFER TO BUY FROM US ( details are on our classified listing) YOU CAN BUY THE BUILD PLANS/PATTERNS SET HERE FOR £22 freeP&P Plans/Templates /instructions sent as one pack, First class post. NB.The Swing bin for the body costs around £12. You can find the correct one locally or on eBay or on Amazon. (Full details in the plans)


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