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USB: câbles, hubs, adapt.

Prix: 15,75 USD (12,82 EUR)

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TV xStream USB Ethernet LAN adapter for Amazon Fire Stick (2nd Gen) or Fire TV (3rd Gen)Also includes the USB OTG adapter (required to use Ethernet connection) Amazon Fire device NOT included in this listingTo purchase a new Amazon Fire stick plus the adapter included, CLICK HERE to see our other listing HARD-WIRED Internet for your AMAZON Device's (please note: not compatible with first Generation Fire sticks) If you are not sure what generation you have look at the bottom of the listing. This is a must have accessory if your having any kind of buffering or streaming problems.Reduce Buffering, lagging and most internet streaming problems by adding the TV xStream Ethernet Adapter. WiFi can be slow and uses large bandwidth which is why people struggle with streaming. If multiple people are using your WiFi or even if you use your phone you are reducing you WiFi bandwidth. The USB adapter (included) gives you a USB port to connect to, then the LAN Ethernet Adapter gives you the ability to hard wire your internet to the stick. Each unit is tested to make sure its compatible. Plug and play installation with Auto connect - No need to configure any settings. Super FAST 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing FAST SHIPPING - optional faster shipping times when checking out. If you have an Amazon fire stick and are not sure what version you have look at the bottom of the device and look for these numbers (the writing is very small) 1st-gen = 2ABDU-0509 (not compatible) 2nd-gen = 2AE6S-0948 (works GREAT!) HOW TO USEStep 1 - Connect the TV xStream Ethernet adapter to the OTG Cable (included).Step 2 - Insert the Amazon Power cable into the OTG cable, then insert the other end of the OTG cable into your Amazon device.Step 3 - Wait until your device powers on. That's it! you are all done. To confirm wired connection click on settings>Network. Your device will show your internet connection is now wired. Troubleshooting - Sometimes your device will still show wifi signal and not wired. This is most likely you have 1st Gen Fire stick. Please confirm you have a 2nd gen stick by looking at the numbers on the fire stick.If still showing wifi, look at the lights on adapter. One should be solid color and one should be blinking. This shows your are receiving wired connection. Please test device to see if buffing has improved. INTERNET SPEED - This device is designed to give you a BETTER INTERNET connection. WiFi can be fast but it also can also slow down during peak times, it transmits in waves (fast and slow). With a wired connection this removes this cause of buffering by giving you a steady internet stream. Buffing or lagging may not be eliminated completely as buffering is caused by more than 1 thing. If you are using a streaming service to watch TV then you may still buffer if that service is to slow. Thank you

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