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Property for sale - Large Wooden Structure - “Teapot”

Property for sale - Large Wooden Structure - “Teapot”

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Prix: 55000 GBP (61682,5 EUR)

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  • Property Type: Wooden Teapot
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For Sale - My very unique Teapot which I have run as a English Tearoom in South West France.Now closed I am looking to sell this fantastic wooden structure - Teapot shape with access to the lower level through the spout and access to the first floor via the stairs in the handle. This Teapot was created by a Scottish artist who used it as a wood store, I bought it and moved it to France and made a few alterations and opened a tearoom. It is a completely wooden structure made from telegraph poles, sectional panels and an original vintage drill that opens the lid by being wound up. I have the original plans for dismantling and erection on another site. It has a great following of fans and customers worldwide and I think if it was to be opened again as a tearoom it would soon build up a new folllowing.It is the only “wooden teapot” of this size in the world.Approximate 18ft high by 21ft in diameter.Electric radiators and lights inside.Just been repainted last month. This structure could be used as Gite, holiday let, children’s playroom, craft or tearoom, coffee shop, theme park etc etc.... Please contact me for any other details.

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