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iPower 400W Ballast HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Reflector Set

iPower 400W Ballast HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Reflector Set


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Prix: 79,99 USD (65,13 EUR)

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hydroponics, hps, grow lights, horticulture, grow lamps We have hundreds in stock. Contact US for Wholesale Questions! iPower 400W 400 Watt Ballast HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Reflector Set At HPS Grow Light Store, we are proud to feature iPower Grow Light, the best-selling grow light system on eBay! Our flawless ratings, feedbacks and praises are not just vouches of excellence but returning customers, ranging from single-light to hundred-light setups, time after time. With iPower, you are not buying a re-brand or a knock-off, but a high quality, genuine equipment directly from the manufacturer with great customer support and factory-backed warranty. Package includes: Choice of the following iPower Ballast: 400W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast Choice of the following iPower Super HPS / MH Bulbs combos of the corresponding ballast wattage: 1x Super HPS + 1 MH Bulb 1x Super HPS Bulb 1x MH Bulb 19" Aluminum Wing Reflector FREE:Heavy Duty iPower Grow Light Flexi Ratchet Hangers 120V Heavy Durty Power Cord(UL Listed) 19 Aluminum Wing Reflector w/ Ceramic Socket High quality aluminum panels Flexible reflector for angles up to 180 degrees Imprinted convex surface for better light distribution Built-in 15' heavy duty lamp cord with ceramic mogul socket (UL Listed) Standard hydroponics S-plug Versatile and flexible to install Ideal for small areas with temperature control Light can be hung in vertical or horizontal positions Precise 4'x4' of light coverage* *Coverage depends on fixture height and environment; results may vary *Coverage depends on fixture height and wattage; results may vary *ballast color & shape may vary iPower Dimmable Digital Electronic Ballast Support Voltage Input 120V/240V Dimmable Options: 50%, 75%, 100% Free heavy-duty power cord included 30% more lumens than magnetic ballasts for improved yields Fast lamp ignition by lighting up the bulbs within 1-2 mins max High frequency output results in less power loss and Zero acoustic resonance Automatically converts between HPS and MH light bulbs by micro-chip programming Quality Assurance: CE certified and UL listed iPower Super HPS / Metal Halide Bulb Compatible with magnetic and digital ballasts Can be used indoors or outdoors Does not lure insects Thick glass housing for extra durability Enhanced wavelengths and lumen power Ideal for blooming and flowering 1/8" iPower Flexi Ratchet Hangers Raise and lower light fixture in one simple movement. Locking mechanism 1/8 rope that supports up to 75 lbs of tension (150 lbs total) High quality stainless steel latches Compatible with all parabolic and round reflectors, as long as hooks and locking latch suit. Perfect for hanging reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters and ventilation equipment. Specficiations iPower Digital Dimmable Ballast Operating Temperature: -40*C ~ 65*C. Power Supply Frequency: 47 ~ 63 Hz Operating Frequency: 25 ~ 100 kHz Power Factor: > 0.97 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 10% Crest Factor: < 1.7 Open & Short Circuit Protection Ignition Failure Protection Overheating Protection End-of-Bulb-Life Protection iPower Hortilife Super High Pressure Sodium Bulbs Weight (lbs): 0.4 Base type: Mogul E39 Bulb shape 1000W: T46 250W, 400W & 600W: E25 Color temperature (K): 2,100 Color index (RA): 20 Initial Lumen (lm) 1000W: 140,000 600W: 85,000 400W: 55,000 250W: 33,000 Expected Life Span(Hr): 24,000 ~ 32,000 Frequency (Hz): 60 Bulb orientation: vertical & horizontal iPower Hortilife Metal Halide Bulbs Weight (lbs): 0.4 Maximum power: as ordered Base type: Mogul E39 Bulb shape: 1000W: TT64 400W: T75 Color temperature (K): 6,500 Color index (RA): 65 Expected Life Span (Hr): 10,000 ~ 15,000 Lumen (lm) 1000W: 88,000 600W: 55,000 400W: 36,000 Frequency (Hz): 60 Bulb orientation: vertical & horizontal 19" Aluminum Wing Reflector with Ceramic Socket Dimensions (L x W): 18.5 x 18.5 Socket material: ceramic Socket type: mogul (E39) Heavy duty 15 lamp cord Standard Hydroponics S-Plug Passive Air Cooled Pre-installed lamp socket Install Space Requirement (L x W x H): 21.25 x 18.5 x 4.75 Heavy Duty Grow Light Flexi Ratchet Hanger 1/8 polypropylene rope Maximum extension length: 6 Stainless steel latches One Locking Latch for hanging the reflector, the other one to connect the hanger to the ceiling. Up to 150 lbs / 68 kg weight load capacity per pair. Always anchor free end of rope in the unlikely event of mechanical failure.

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