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LIBRARY of the OCCULT 2700 Rare Vintage books 8 DVDs WITCHCRAFT, MAGIC, WICCA

LIBRARY of the OCCULT 2700 Rare Vintage books 8 DVDs WITCHCRAFT, MAGIC, WICCA

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: Occult
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  • Subject: The Occult, Supernatural, Esoterica
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THE ULTIMATE LIBRARY of the OCCULT box shown is for illustration purposes only NOT SUPPLIED NOTE, THIS ITEM SHIPS FROM THE U.K. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS Collected together for the first time on an amazing EIGHT DVD-Rom collection we are pleased to present a unique and complete library of 2,700 Esoteric / Occult and Spiritual texts. Written largely in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (& with some texts dating back much further), many are rare or out of print and represent a unique and vast collection of esoteric / metaphysical knowledge. A vast majority are page scans of the original books so, with these, you will be reading exactly as intended. A huge range of varied and unusual subject matter is covered with many classic texts and authors featured including, for example: A E Waite, Manly P Hall, John Dee, Eliphas Levi, Roger Bacon, Max Heindel, Charles Leadbeater, H P Blavatsky, W Wynn Westcott, H C Agrippa, Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner, E A Wallis Budge, Emanuel Swedenborg, G R S Mead, Frater Achad, S L MacGregor Mathers, Albert Pike, Yogi Ramacharaka, William Walter Atkinson, Annie Beasant, Andrew Lang, Immanuel Kant, Isabelle Ingalese, A P Sinnet, L W De Lawrence, Lewis Spence, H Augusta Curtiss + many more! Due to the limitations of space I will not be naming all 2,700 of the books contained on these DVD’s here. If however, you would like to see the complete list, please contact me at the email address listed in my contact information. screen shot example disc menu: Your books are conveniently separated into themed folders as follows: ALCHEMY Not simply the process of making substances described as possessing unusual properties, Alchemy is a philosophical & spiritual discipline and an important part of the Occult tradition with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom as well as immortality. 57 books in total in this section, including A E Waite’s two volume Hermetic Museum Redgrove's Alchemy Ancient & Modern works on Basil Valentine, Paracelus & others. Includes a scan of the original 1607 edition of the Book Of Lambspring. ASTROLOGY Encapsulating a range of systems, traditions & beliefs, the study of celestial bodies for predictive knowledge concepts can be traced back as far as the Third Millennium BC. 91 books included featuring the work of Alan Leo, 'Raphael' and Max Heindel amongst others, studies of Roman, Hindu & Egyptian Astrology and a range of manuals from introductory to advanced. DIVINATION A wide range of divinatory systems and methods are covered in this collection including books on The Tarot, Cheirosophy, Cheirognomy, Geomancy, Clairvoyance, Crystal Gazing, the reading of Tea Leaves, Palmistry, Handwriting Analysis, Numerology, Psychometry, the Magic Mirror. Includes works by Waite, Ouspensky, Levi, S L MacGregor Mathers, the classic Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus & Swami Panchadasi’s Clairvoyance & Occult Powers. 117 books in total. DREAMS A universal and powerful experience, dreams, their significance & prophetic nature have fascinated man for centuries and have often been linked to occult phenomena. Whilst the ancients regarded dreams as a second life in which the soul was freed from the body, Freud held that dreams could serve as windows into the psyche. This collection of 49 books includes the seminal works of Freud, many studies on the meaning and interpretation of dreams and examples of the 19th century craze of dream "oracles" - entertaining texts which prescribed meaning and future life predictions to a host of dream events and subjects. EARTH MYSTERIES Lost civilizations, – Lemuria, Atlantis - Cryptozoology – Dragons, Unicorns, Sea Serpents – ancient sites & anomalous architecture – Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Megalithic Cultures, Ancient Cosmology, Hollow Earth, Ley Lines, Feng Sui, Vampires Werewolves, Faeries & Monsters – a selection of the mysteries & topics which have puzzled and fascinated man for centuries & can be found in this 106 book collection EGYPT Egyptian magic (heka) and the Egyptians complex system of beliefs in the afterlife have had a profound influence on Occult thinkers throughout history. A selection of 74 texts is provided here focussing on the mythology, religious & magickal practices of the Ancient Egyptians. Includes all the major works of E A Wallis Budge in this area, a including his 3 volume The Book of the Dead, Papyrus of Ani, the 3 volume Demotic Magical Papyrus of London & Leiden by F Griffith and Gerald Massey’s massive, two volume Ancient Egypt – the Light of the World. EMANUEL SWEDENBORG Christian mystic & philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg experienced dreams & visions culminating in an awakening, where he was appointed by the Lord to write a doctrine to reform Christianity. He claimed the Lord had opened his eyes, so he could freely visit heaven & hell, talk with angels, demons, & other spirits. This 58 book collection includes his 20 volume classic Heavenly Arcana plus The Apocalypse Explained & Revealed & his classic Heaven & Hell. GNOSTICISM A diverse, syncretistic religious movement, Gnosticism envelops various belief systems, generally united in the teaching that humans are divine souls trapped in a material world created by an imperfect god. William Blake, HP Blavatsky, Carl Jung & Aleister Crowley were all influenced by Gnostcism. Consisting largely of the work of Gnostic author G R S Mead this 26 book collection features 11 volumes of his classic Echoes From the Gnosis series and his 3 volume Thrice Greatest Hermes. GRIMOIRES, RITUAL MAGICK & GENERAL OCCULTISM A selection of classic textbooks of Magick – some dating back as far as the Middle Ages - and general works of occultism. You will find here the work of H C Agrippa & Eliphas Levi, five volumes of the Legemeton (Lesser Key of Solomon), H C Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Pholosophy, the classic black magic Grand Grimoire, Francis Barretts Magus, the 3 books of Abramelin the Mage plus many others. Instructions for invoking angels or demons, performing divination and gaining magical powers are to be found amongst the 118 texts in this collection. KABBALAH A discipline of Jewish, Christian and Hermetic traditions, Kabbalah (or Qabalah in the Hermetic tradition) is an underlying philosophy and framework for magical societies such as the Golden Dawn & Thelemic orders and is a precursor to the Neopagan, Wiccan and New Age movements. 44 books including; S L Mac Gregor Mathers The Kabbalah Unveiled plus titles by Waite, Westcott, Levi, Fuller & Gewurz amongst others. MASONIC Far more than a fraternal organization, Freemasonry is a society with secret initiations and rituals, sharing many of the lesser and greater mysteries of the Knights Templar. Redolent with symbolism many Masonic secrets are revealed here in this special collection of 114 texts focussing principally on the ritual and esoteric nature of Freemasonry and featuring many of its most important texts. Includes works by Albert Pike, J S M Ward, J F Newton, AG Mackey, Robert Macoy, W L Wilmhurst, Manly P Hall & many others. MYTHOLOGY, LORE & SUPERSTITION The term "myth" is often used colloquially to refer to a false story; however, the academic use of the term generally does not refer to falsity. In the field of folkloristics and occultists, a myth is conventionally defined as a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind came to be. Included are studies of mythological systems of a diversity of nations and peoples along with examinations of popular folklore and superstition. Includes the immense 13 volume Mythology of all Races edited by Louis Herbert Gray. 173 texts in total in this section. NATIVE AMERICAN RELIGION & MYTHOLOGY Native American belief systems include many sacred narratives. Such spiritual stories are deeply based in & rich with the symbolism of Nature. The idea of an all powerful Great Spirit, connection to the Earth, diverse creation narratives & collective memories of ancestors are common. Traditional worship practices are often a part of tribal gatherings with dance, songs & trance. A selection of 133 books cover the religious practices and myths of a wide range of Tribes. Includes James Mooneys classic studies of the Cherokee NEW THOUGHT; MIND, BODY & SPIRIT Many of the ‘Mind Body & Spirit’ doctrines of today, be they Holistic, Spiritual or concerning Self-Improvement have their roots in ‘New Thought’; a 19th century movement which developed in the USA. In this 178 book library, you will find diverse subject matter including: Yoga, Self Consciousness, Reincarnation, Human Auras, Chakras, Thought Power, the Solar Plexus, Psychic Energy, Karma, Hypnotism and much more. Features the work of W W Atkinson / Yogi Ramacharaka, Swami Panchadasi, Arthur Powell, T Q Dumont, Rudolf Steiner, Annie Besant & others. OCCULT FICTION Great thinkers of the Occult have often used the medium of fiction to convey their theories. Here you will find a selection of 94 books with a wide range of subject matter featuring both those with a serious message and works intended as pure fantasy / entertainment. Includes selctions by HP Blavatsky, H Rider Haggard, E Bulwer-Lytton, M Wilson Oliphant, Bram Stoker and others. ROSICRUCIAN The term Rosicrucian describes a secret society of mystics, allegedly formed in mediaeval Germany, holding a doctrine "built on esoteric truths of the ancient past". The majority of the 97 texts in this collection are born out of the various societies of the late 19th / early 20th centuries who styled themselves as Rosicrucian. Includes a large number of books by Max Heindel plus AE Waite, Franz Hartmann, books concerning the Comte de St Germain, Rosicrucian Philosophy, Doctrines and Mysteries along with 47 issues of Heindel's Rosicrucian periodical Rays From the Rose Cross. SACRED SEXUALITY AND TANTRA The belief that sex is a sacred act which is capable of elevating its participants to a higher spiritual plane and use of sex in magickal ritual date back many centuries. 43 books in this collection with titles on, for example, Phallicism, Sex in Religion, Kama Sutra, Tantra, the Karezza Method & Sex Symbolism. SPIRITUALISM, MEDIUMSHIP & PARAPSYCHOLOGY Spiritualism and its study (parapsychology) developed in the USA and Britain and reaching its peak of popularity between the 1840s and the 1920s. A huge selection of 199 books from this period are provided with texts by and about leading mediums of the day, death and the afterlife, ‘channelled’ writings, communication with the dead, serious psychical research and investigations and stories of hauntings. THE FAITHS OF THE WORLD The Faiths of the World, complied by the Reverand James Gardner was originally published in 21 parts - an A-Z of the world's religions, it aims to provide "An account of all religions and religious sects, their doctrines, rites, ceremonies & customs". The 8 volume edition is provided here - running to over 2000 pages of reading and featuring thousands of interesting entries in dictionary style format on all the major belief systems of the world. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION & ETHICS A 12-volume work (plus an index volume), the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics was written between 1908 and 1927 and composed of entries by many contributors. Edited by James Hastings, it covers not only religious matters but thousands of ancillary topics as well, including folklore, myth, ritual, anthropology and psychology for example. Runs to almost 12,000 pages of reading in total. THEOSOPHY Theosophy is a doctrine of religious philosophy and metaphysics originating with Helena Blavatsky. Its basic tenet holds that all religions are attempts by the "Spiritual Hierarchy" to help humanity in evolving to perfection, and that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth. Common theosophical beliefs include universal & individual consciousness, the 'higher self’, reincarnation, karma and universality. These themes and others can be found including titles by Blavatsky, HS Olcott, WQ Judge, Charles Ledbeater, Annie Besant, Katherine Tingley & others + P L U S + Also included in this collection 23 Volumes of the “Theosphical Path” periodical. Edited by Katherine Tingley, the magazine was launched in July 1911. Each volume contains 6 months of issues representing a complete run of the magazine from 1911 to 1922. In addition are 20Volumes of the "Theosophical Quarterly" periodical - a complete 20 year run of the publication from 1903 to 1923. Hundreds of interesting articles on a wide variety of subjects are featured from leading theosophical contributors. 218 texts in the section in total. VOODOO, AFRICAN & WEST INDIAN RELIGION, FOLK-LORE & MAGIC These are often overlooked areas of study and, as such, the 37 texts presented here are rare and difficult to obtain. Includes the major sacred texts of Rastafari plus books on a range of topics including: Fetischism, Voodoo, studies of the mythology, religious practices and magic of various African & West Indian peoples, books concerning Jamaica & New Orleans and H Calloway's "Divination Amongst the Amazulu". WICCA, WITCHCRAFT & NEO-PAGANISM The 132 books in this collection range from those concerning the ‘Witch Hunts’ of the Early Modern period and the Salem "Witch Trials" to texts covering the range of modern religious movements influenced by pre-Christian "pagan" beliefs of Europe and the use of supernatural or magickal ritual. Includes the rare & extremely influential 14 volume edition of the Golden Bough by JG Fraser , Margaraet Murray’s Witchcult in Western Europe & The God Of The Witches, plus, books concerning Druidry, Witchcraft & Sorcery, the pagan origins of Halloween, Celtic religions and folk medicines. ZOROASTRIANISM Founded by the Prophet Zoroaster in Iran approximately 3500 years ago, Zoroastrianism is little known and numerically insignificant today. Distinctive is its belief that all creation is locked in a struggle between good and evil and that good and evil behaviours are a result of free will. The religion of Zoroaster influenced New Thought and Theosophical thinkers of the late 19th / early 20th centuries. It also spawned an exclusively Zoroastrian occult movement known as Ilm-i Kshnoom which emphsized salvation through esoteric knowledge. 36 Books are provided on the topic of this fascinating 'lost religion'. OCCULT MISCELLANY Everything else!!! A huge treasure trove of 325 books covering a massive range of subject matter including, for example, Symbolism, Secret Societies, Ancient Pharmacy, Occult Biographies, Occult Science, The Devil, Babylonian Magick, Prophecies, Shamanism, the History of Magic & the Supernatural, Omens & Superstitions, Moon Lore, Malay Magic, Sun Worship, Demonology, Animism, Occult Japan, Martinism, Maori Religion, Herbalism, Sacred Writings & more! +++PLUS+++ ALSO INCLUDED OCCULT PERIODICALS An amazing collection of rare, vintage Occult periodicals dating from the period 1884 - 1922. 155 files are provided each of which includes anything from a single monthly issue to a volume containing six months or a years worth of issues. Page numbers range from 38 to over 500 with thousands of pages of reading in total. You will find countless articles on a vast range of subjects by a host of leading contributors in Occult literary circles of the era. The periodicals featured are as follows: LUCIFER(founded by Blavatsy, Besant and Mead) MIND OCCULT REVIEW(The pre-eminent English-language occult journal of the first quarter of the twentieth century because of the scope and quality of its contributors: A.E. Waite, Franz Hartmann, Andrew Lang, H. Stanley Redgrove, Mabel Collins, Arthur Avalon, Algernon Blackwood, W.J. Colville, Montague Summers, Sax Rohmerand many others) THE ESOTERIC THE INTERNATIONAL THE METAPHYSICAL MAGAZINE THE PATH THE QUEST THE WORD +++PLUS+++ ALSO INCLUDED IMAGES of the OCCULT An amazing collection of 565 images. These images are illustrations extracted largely from the books in this collection and converted to JPEG format. With a large variety of subject matter, the images are of large size and high resolution (300dpi). Great for use in your own projects, print making, documents or web sites or, simply for your own entertainment. (Please note – no details can be provided as to the titles / subject , source or artist of the images- they are simply numbered sequentially in the image folder). +++PLUS+++ ALSO INCLUDED Special Bonus Material!! THE SACRED BOOKS & EARLY LITERATURE of the EAST The religions of the East have always had a commanding influence upon Occult thought. This magnificent and rare 14 volume collection was originally published under the editorship of Charles Horne in 1917. The 14 volumes, intended as "Historical Surveys of the Chief Writings of Each Nation" are as follows: VOL 1 BABYLONIA & ASSYRIA VOL 2 EGYPT VOL 3 ANCIENT HEBREW VOL 4 MEDIEVAL HEBREW VOL 5 ANCIENT ARABIA VOL 6 MEDIEVAL ARABIC, MOORISH & TURKISH VOL 7 ANCIENT PERSIA VOL 8 MEDIEVAL PERSIA VOL 9 INDIA BRAHMANISM VOL 10 INDIA & BUDDHISM VOL 11 ANCIENT CHINA VOL 12 MEDIEVAL CHINA VOL 13 JAPAN VOL 14 THE GREAT REJECTED BOOKS Extends to over 6000 pages of reading in total!! IN SUMMARY: Your EIGHT data DVD-Rom discs contain the following: 2700 BOOKS 565 IMAGES There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of pages and a virtual lifetime of reading here – over 32GB’s of data. It would be practically impossible or cost you $1000’s to assemble such a collection of physical books! There is a virtual library of invaluable Esoteric Knowledge here which represents many, many months of work & research. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE A COMPLETE LIST OF THE 2700 BOOK TITLES CONTAINED IN THE COLLECTION PLEASE CONTACT ME :-) ABOUT THE DVDS You will receive 8 x data DVD-Rom discs (examples pictured below) containing all of the material stated here. These are ELECTRONIC BOOKS. The books are in pdf format which means that you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read them. if you don’t have this, you can download it free of charge from the Adobe website. THESE DISCS ARE DATA DVDS FOR COMPUTER USE Please make sure your computer has a drive capable of reading this type of disc (DVD-Rom or DVD-RW drive). They WILL NOT WORK, in a CD-Rom drive, Audio CD player or the DVD player connected to your TV. *SHIPPING*Please note that this item SHIPS FROM THE UK (hence the higher shipping charges to USA, Canada etc than to Europe / UK). UK CUSTOMERS: IF YOU ARE IN THE UK AND WANT TO BUY THIS ITEM PLEASE GO TO MY LISTING FOR THIS ITEM ON EBAY UK (I was unable to separate shipping charges for the UK from European shipping on here). PLEASE NOTE: international delivery times are unpredictable and are often affected by delays clearing customs in your country or the speed of your postal services. If you are ordering from anywhere outside the UK please allow AT LEAST 28 DAYS for delivery. In most cases, it will be much quicker but please appreciate that delays which are outside my control can occur -packages can often take a number of weeks to arrive when shipped internationally. International orders are sent by Royal Mail International Standard service – this service is NOT tracked but it is reliable, delivery failures are rare. Thanks for your understanding, patience and co-operation! *MAC USERS* These discs have an auto-run menu feature which may be incompatible with Mac computers. I cannot guarantee that the menu feature will function on any Mac computer or that the discs will function IN ANY WAY on any Mac based system. If you would like the discs Mac compatible / without the menu feature please leave a note with your purchase. ******PLEASE NOTE****** ‘SOFTWARE BOX’ PICTURED AT THE TOP OF THIS LISTING AND BOOKS PICTURED ARE FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY – NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF ACTUAL PACKAGING. NO SOFTWARE BOX IS PROVIDED Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 NOTICE FOR EBAY SELLERS THIS DVD-ROM PRODUCT WAS CREATED BY PHOENIX E-BOOKS UK, AND IS COPYRIGHT © PHOENIX E-BOOKS UK - NO RESALE OF THIS SET IS PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Forget the cheap imitations - this is the original and finest 'Occult Library' available on eBay THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!!!!! NOTE TO EBAY STAFF: No copyrights are infringed in this CD/DVD Rom product. All material contained on the discs as described above is in the public domain and free from copyright.Check out my other items! ************************

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