Prix: 53,87 USD (44,39 EUR)
Disney Trading Pins 100 lot 1-3 Day Shipping 100% tradable no doubles

Disney Trading Pins 100 lot 1-3 Day Shipping 100% tradable no doubles

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Prix: 53,87 USD (44,39 EUR)

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Disney Pins Lot 100 random pins. ***Pictures are examples only*** All pins have mickey ear backs! Please be aware that you may get a few doubles in the lot I do my best but sometimes a few get in. If you order more than 1 set you will get double of a lot of the pins! ***Yes I can ship to your hotel, please change your shipping address to the hotels address.*** If you have any questions please ask, I would be happy to help you. I WANT YOUR REPEAT BUSINESS!!!! Buy with 100% confidence!!! I will guarantee that you will have no problems trading any of the pins you get in this lot! ******If you have any issues with the order PLEASE just contact me, I will fix any problems! ***Please Please Please do not leave negative or neutral it hurts sellers very much... Again I will be very happy to fix any issue! *** Also please leave high stars for us!! Again if you run into an issue with anything let me fix it for you, leaving low stars or negative or neutral feedback does not help anybody! Thank you so much for your order! Happy Trading!! Please understand these are USED pins, they are not new and some MAY have imperfections such as scratches, dents, chips, bent or wobbly posts, color imperfections, rough edges, etc. Some pins may be considered factory seconds, but they are all 100% tradable at Disney.

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