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Hornby TTS Sound Decoder with Speaker - Convert Any DCC Ready Loco to Full Sound

Hornby TTS Sound Decoder with Speaker - Convert Any DCC Ready Loco to Full Sound

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Prix: 36,5 GBP (42,34 EUR)

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Diecast, Kits, Railway, Slot Racing and RC Specialists Over 20 years in the model trade Hornby DCC TTS Sound Decoders with Speaker (8 Pin NMRA Connector) NOTE: Buying more than one? Use the ADD TO BASKET option to ensure that postage is combined correctly. Note: Items not listed are currently unavailable from Hornby. Hornby have discontinued some, reintroduced others, and ones that show unavailable above are awaiting a further production run. Price Rise: It has been necessary to pass on price rises from Hornby (2.5%) and from eBay (around 1%), both plus VAT - this has added around 50p to most of the single loco decoders. eBay is very very greedy - did you know that as of July 2020 they are taking 10.9% PLUS VAT (that's over 13% of the total you pay) for their services? If not fiting to the exact Hornby model mentioned please be aware that some cutting or modification of interior parts of the model may be needed to fit the speaker. Please also note that a small number of very old Select and Elite controllers (mainly those over 5 years old) occasionally struggle with these decoders and that a firmware update will cure this - we understand Hornby will update firmware if controllers are sent to their service centre - we would stress this is a minority of controllers and we do not have available the software version numbers affected. Tornado: Some people complain of issues fitting the Tornado chip, others have no problem. It seems some of the bodies are a little tighter than others. If you have major issues, see below about changing speakers. Mounts: Some decoders include mounting plates or brackets, these are not shown in our photographs. Changing Speakers: If fitting the decoder to a loco that it wasn't designed for or where you are unhappy to make minor changes to the body to mount the speaker, it is necessary to cut off the speaker and fit a "Sugar Cube" speaker (widely available on eBay for around £4) in it's place. Please ensure you test the decoder with the body off and the original speaker in place fully before changing the speaker as Hornby state cutting the wires invalidates any guarantee. Hard Wiring: If your loco does not have a socket, please always fit a socket. Decoders returned that have had the plug cut off are warranty voided and cannot be refunded. There is never a good reason to hard wire a decoder, just fit an 8 pin socket - it's the same number of wires to solder and you can then plug and unplug the decoder as required. Faulty? Like with all electricals, sometimes a chip will fail when first installed. In these cases, please just contact us for a free return label so we can swap it for you - we need back the decoder with speaker still attached and the packet it came in. Please don't open an eBay "return" if you need a swap as the facility forces us to refund you when the item arrives back. Decoder features: Each decoder provides a pre-recorded set of sounds specific to a type of steam or diesel / diesel electric loco. Decoders are not limited to use in those locos however, you can fit them in any loco that has a suitable 8 pin socket and space for the speaker - just choose a decoder from a similar size and class of loco to get a good approximation of sound. All decoders feature a standard motor drive function, so replace the standard loco decoder that you would otherwise use. They can also be used to replace Hornby and Bachmann factory fitted 8 pin decoders - just check you have room for the speaker. IMPORTANT - The decoder does not support sound under DC (analogue) operation. Sounds can only be played under DCC (digital) operation. This applies to all sounds, both running and spot sounds. Only the locomotive motor may be controlled under DC operation. Function list - typical example of Steam sounds for Steam decoders (each decoder model varies slightly): F0 Headlight/rearlight (if fitted) F1 Background steam/steam exhaust/coasting F2 Whistle medium F3 Whistle long F4 Whistle short F5 Whistle two bursts F6 Wheel slip F7 Coal shovelling F8 Blow down F9 Safety valve F10 Injector F11 Cylinder cock F12 Brake F13 Blower F14 Guard's whistle F15 Coupler clank F16 Fireman's breakfast F17 Toggle between 'chuffing' & 'coasting' F18 Aux lighting (standard decoder function if aux lights used) Function list - typical example of Diesel sounds for Diesel decoder (each decoder model differs slightly): F0 Headlight/rearlight (if fitted to locomotive) F1 Engine start/stop F2 Horn high-low F3 Horn low-high F4 Brake squeal F5 NOTCH up F6 NOTCH down F7 Return to IDLE F8 Thrash F9 Cold start override F10 Compressor F11 Door slam F12 Fan F13 Horn high F14 Horn low F15 Primer F16 Slow flange squeal F17 Spirax valve F18 Horn short low F19 Horn short high F20 Wagons buffering F21 Wagons clanging F22 Coupling F23 Dispatch whistle F24 Buffering F25 Aux (if used in locomotive) All decoder notes: - Supports short and long decoder addresses - Adjustable acceleration and deceleration - Back EMF load compensation - Up to 19 controllable spot sounds dependent on model including whistles or horns etc - Two sound channels allowing for simultaneous play of full locomotive engine sounds, & individual spot sounds e.g. horns, whistles, brakes, wagons coupling etc. NOTE: Only one spot sound can be played at the same time - It is possible to alter the volume of each sound through an individual dedicated CV. Range 0-8 - Decoder is equipped to support directional front and rear lighting operation via F0 on the controller, providing that the product is fitted with lights - The decoder is equipped with 1 aux function output controlled by F18 or F25 dependent on locomotive type (diesel or steam) - Motor current - maximum continuous 500mA - Motor current - peak 1amp (no function load) - Function output current maximum—100mA (unprotected) - Decoder current maximum continuous - 800mA (shared motor and functions) - Number of sound channels - 2 - Termination - 8 pin plug NEM652. NMRA Contact Us: If you have a question about this product, please contact us prior to purchase. Please understand that eBay has very strict communication rules and messages sent via eBay requesting discounts, special pricing or requesting that we make a sale outside of eBay will not be answered. Deliveries: We offer Economy and Express delivery options, and on smaller items postal delivery options. Economy Delivery is generally using a point to point courier - typically DPD Homecall, Royal Mail Eco Bulk or Hermes Parcelnet. These services take 3 to 5 working days (not including weekends) to deliver. On some products we offer a choice of 1st Class post - this typically takes 1 to 2 days but is not a time guaranteed service. On all products we offer the choice of Express Courier - this will be DPD, Fedex or, in limited areas, Royal Mail Express, and aims for delivery the day after dispatch. Orders have to be placed by 9am for us to guarantee dispatch that day by Express. Express to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Channel Islands and all off-shore locations takes 2 working days. All non-Express orders are dispatched in order of receipt. Combined Postage: Please use the ADD TO BASKET option to combine postage as we are unable to manually combine if you choose to make multiple payments. If you are buying more than one item, always use Add To Basket as clicking Buy It Now will result in eBay taking you straight to checkout without the option to add further items. Payment: We only accept Paypal for eBay orders. If you don't have Paypal, eBay will give you the option to pay by Credit or Debit card at checkout. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006: We are registered under the Valpac DTS WEEE scheme, member number 400017. Please dispose of your used electrical items at an authorised recycling centre - if you do not know where your local centre is, please contact the Recycle More scheme for further information. International Orders: If an item does not offer you a postage choice to your country, we are unable to send it abroad. Some products are restricted (for example because they contain batteries) whereas others are prohibitively expensive to ship or subject to restrictions on sale. VAT: All prices include VAT at the current rate. We operate under a point of sale system and do not issue VAT receipts with every sale. If you need an itemised VAT receipt, please indicate on your payment. Returns: If your item is faulty (or appears to be) please contact us for advice, as most issues can be resolved without return or by exchanging components. In many cases, we find that items returned as faulty prove to be perfect and simply require adjustment or advice due to their complexity. We accept returns for change of mind - please notify us within 30 days of receiving your item and return it within 60 days of purchase - items must be unused and with all packaging intact. A free return service is provided only for faulty goods - in the event of non-faulty items being claimed as faulty in order to obtain a free return, a deduction as shown on our return label will be made from any refund. For all orders placed from 1st November, the 30 days starts 26th December rather than the date of delivery. All Contents Copyright 1997 to 2020 Time Tunnel Models. Supplier text and images used with UK distributor's permission where appropriate.

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