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Guitar Fret Levelling File with Diamond File. 150mm Fine grit. MADE IN UK. TF020

Guitar Fret Levelling File with Diamond File. 150mm Fine grit. MADE IN UK. TF020

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Prix: 30,92 GBP (34,12 EUR)

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Caractéristiques de l'objet
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Material: Diamond File and Oak Handle
  • Type: Luthier Tools
  • MPN: TF020
  • Brand: Chris Alsop Guitar
  • Suitable For: All Guitars, Acoustic Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cigar Box Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lap & Pedal Steel Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Travel Guitar
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Fret Levelling Tool with Diamond File Designed and Made By Chris Alsop in his workshops in Derbyshire, UK. This is a flat diamond file with a permanently bonded oak handle for guitar fret levelling. It is designed to be guided along the fretboard with the file cutting a level onto the tops, or crown, of the frets. Dimensions • File Length: 150mm which is ideal for levelling frets over large sections of the fretboard and will last well. • File Width: 20mm • File Grit : Fine • File flatness checked on a laboratory grade engineering surface plate. Features • Very comfortable to hold the file. • The file protrudes from the holder so you can see how the cut is progressing by looking directly down at the cutting face where it meets the fret ends. • File and holder are joined by a strong glue bond. • Robust construction from highest grade oak hardwood and professional quality diamond file. • Suitable for Stainless Steel frets. • All edges of the file are rounded so - providing the fretboard is protected - these files can be used along the fret to reshape the crown after levelling Using this tool Diamond files produce a very smooth finish on the frets - this property makes these files suitable for any type of fret shaping. Once the frets are level the flat tops on the frets need reshaping to regain the peaked crown. These files have all sharp edges ground off so can be guided along the fret to reshape the crown. As always, before using any type of abrasive tools on a guitar it is recommended suitable masking is used to protect the fretboard wood and other parts of the guitar. Wood Type, Diamond Files & Finishing Effort We have used Oak for this product as it is a strong and versatile wood used in hand tool handles for years. Beech is also nice for file handles and we can make this item in Beech - please enquire. The tool works equally well in almost any type of wood ! Diamond Files are really THE best surfaces developed by mankind for abrasion - the resulting surface is by far the smoothest hand filed surface possible - hence less finishing and polishing! FREE WITH THIS ITEM • Advice sheet on use of this tool • A comprehensive guide to fret replacement Other Products We produce a wide range of guitar tools. All tools are produced from our workshop in Woodville, Derbyshire, UK by Chris Alsop. See our eBay shop for Fret Pullers and Cutters, Fret Bevel Diamond Files, Fretboard Protectors, Crowning and Dressing Diamond Files, Guitar Neck Rests, Fret Levelling Diamond Files, Fretting hammers, Fret Polishing and Sanding Kits, String Action Gauges, Guitar Pin Pullers and String Winders. Also, see our eBay shop for a wide variety of Custom Made Guitar Saddles, Nuts and Pins - all made by Chris Alsop to customer specified dimensions. We offer these components in many materials, specialising in crafted high quality Buffalo Bone and European Hardwoods. Shipping • We offer shipping discount on postage on multiple item orders. • Postage is calculated as the highest shipping cost is full rate and then any additional items are ONLY 25% of shipping cost. • Fast Shipping. We ship all our items by Royal Mail using 1st Class (UK) and International Tracked (Overseas). • For UK orders, we also offer Royal Mail Guaranteed by Next Day service.

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