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Bass Guitar Fretboard Note Labels Fret Stickers + Online Lessons & Learning Aids

Bass Guitar Fretboard Note Labels Fret Stickers + Online Lessons & Learning Aids

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Prix: 4,95 GBP (5,46 EUR)

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  • Brand: Cat Music
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • No. of Strings: 4 string
  • Type: Electric Bass
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • MPN: KNB4R
  • Size: 4/4
  • Vendeur: catmusic99
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: CR5
  • Pays: GB - UK
  • Lieu de livraison: Europe, US, JP, CA, AU
  • Numéro de l'objet: 181432017833
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FRETNOTES helps you learn to play the bass and read music ... faster! 13 Fretnote labels for 4-STRING ELECTRIC BASS, RIGHT-HANDED, STANDARD TUNING (E-A-D-G) an application tool full colour instructions access to our links page of FREE online lessons and learning aids 1000's sold worldwide - they work! Other versions of Fretnotes and Keynotes can be found in our eBay shop A BASS GUITAR IS NOT INCLUDED! Questions? Please check the FAQ below Learning the fretboard note positions is essential if you are going to master the bass guitar. With Fretnotes on your bass, the notes are right there ON the fretboard! You will soon learn the individual notes and note patterns and will no longer need the labels. This version of Fretnotes is for right-handed bass guitars with 4 strings in standard EADG tuning. Fretnotes have several advantages over other stickers.... Fast to fit - Fretnotes group the notes on each fret together into one label, so there are only 13 labels to fit (instead of 52 if you use individual note labels!). No re-stringing or re-tuning - Each label is simply threaded under the strings using the simple tool provided and pressed into place just behind the fret - you don't have to loosen or remove the strings, unless your strings are very low on the fretboard. Strong - Fretnotes are made from a special thin but tough polyester. There is only one label per fret so they stick better and are less likely to be pulled off. With regular practice you will only need them on for a few weeks anyway..... Easy to Read - the notes and fret numbers on the lower frets are angled towards you, making them easier to read from your playing position. Frets Numbered - each label wraps around the top of the fretboard to show you the fret number, with the dot-marked frets highlighted Black Sharps - natural notes are shown on a light background, sharp notes are shown on black. This makes it easy to relate scales and chords on the bass to the piano keyboard. Open string notes - An open string (or "zero fret") label is included - many other systems don't bother to label them. FREE LESSONS! - With Fretnotes you get access to my links page of the best free online lessons and learning aids, including excellent beginner's bass lessons, ear training, free sheet music, an on-line metronome and guitar-tuner and much more. There's loads of guitar related content on the net, some good, some bad - this is your short-cut to the good stuff ;-) Instructions and support included - Printed full-colour instructions are included - you don't need to download anything and you don't need to know anything about music or guitars to get started. If you need help you can email me and I will reply within 24 hours, often less. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q. Will they fit my bass? A. I tested a number of popular basses when developing this product, and the dimensions used will work well on 99% of 4-string electric basses. If you want to check your bass before ordering, measure the distance between the 1st and 4th strings (the thinnest and thickest!) at two places: 1. At the nut the distance should be between 25mm and 31mm; 2. At the 12th fret it should be between 40mm and 46mm. If your measurements are within these ranges Fretnotes will work fine on your bass. Q. Do I need left-hand or right-hand labels? A. Sit with the guitar in the playing position - if the neck is pointing to the left, you need right-handed labels - if it points to the right you need left-handed. Or just order the hand you write with! Q. Why aren't there enough labels for every fret? A. Fretnotes for bass only label the first 12 frets - when you start to learn you won't be using the higher frets, and by the time you ARE advanced enough to use them you will be VERY familiar with the fretboard layout and won't need the labels any more. Remember, the labels are there to help you learn the note positions, not avoid having to learn them! Q. Do they work with fretless bass? A. Yes. If you have line markers where the frets would normally be, just fit the labels behind the lines as if they were frets. If you don't have markers, you may have to do some measuring to get the exact positions for them. I can help you with this if necessary, just email me. Q. How long will they last? A. Fretnotes are printed on a special polyester material with a non-glare matt finish, giving a neat appearance. This makes them ideal for teachers - they look professional and are long-lasting. They will normally out-last the need for them - most people find they only need to use them for a few weeks. Fretnotes are not re-usable. Q. How long will it take to fit them? A. About 15 minutes. Just applying Fretnotes is a great first lesson - by the time you are finished you will already be getting familiar with the note names and positions. Included in the pack is a simple tool to help you thread the labels under the strings without the need for removing or de-tuning the strings. If your bass has a very low action i.e. the strings are very low on the fretboard, then a) you may have to de-tune the strings slightly to fit the labels, and b) you are very fortunate, because the low action will make your bass much easier to play ;-) Q. Will they damage the fretboard? A. No, but keep reading! Fretnotes are made to peel off easily and leave no residue. If they are left on for a very long time (i.e. years) there is a small chance of adhesive being left behind, but this will remove easily with a guitar cleaner like Fast-Fret etc., and not damage the guitar. However, over the years guitars have been made from all sorts of materials, and whilst I have tested this product extensively and found it safe on all common guitar finishes, it's impossible to test them on everything, so you use this product at your own risk. If you have any concerns about this then please get in touch before purchasing. Q. What if I need help? A. Email me! I'll normally answer within 24 hours (often less) and will help as much as I can with using the labels. If there is a problem of any kind please get in touch before leaving bad feedback or opening a case. I work very hard to keep everyone happy and maintain 100% customer satisfaction, but I can't help you if I don't know there's a problem! Q. What is the links page? A. It's a webpage containing a list of links to useful free internet resources I have found whilst helping people learn to play. It is reviewed and updated regularly. There is a great deal of information available on the internet to help you learn to play guitar and read music, but as with most things on the internet, the quality ranges from excellent to very bad indeed. The guide provides links to the best sites, with notes on how you will find them useful. They will be especially helpful if you are learning on your own and not taking one-to-one lessons with a teacher, but everyone should find something of interest - there are free lessons (many with very helpful graphics), ear-training applications, an online tuner and metronome (that gives you simple drum-beats to practice with in addition to the usual boring click!), musical games, sheet music, and even an app that lets you print your own manuscript paper for a fraction of the cost of buying it! Copyright ©catmusic 2012

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