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Property in France for sale

Property in France for sale

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Prix: 35000 GBP (39214,34 EUR)

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This is our lakes in France for sale, a very reluctant sale due to ill health.This is in beautiful part for France in the Limoges Area, The village where the lakes are, is called Fonsoumagne,about two miles out from Saint Mathieu a wonderful shopping area food and supplies Petrol and goods.We have owned this unique piece of land and lake since 2004 we had never considered selling.You will see by the photos it is well maintained we have just recently had both bridges, replace with new wood and the outlets re planked. There are some magnificent Roach / Carp Zander/ others. The smaller lake as Sun base and others.There is plenty of room for motor homes camping etc you can see our camper in the photos!The total land area is 8.527 Square metres larger lake 3.500 square metres and the smaller one is 1.000 square metresPLEASE NOTE there is no planning permission. No water. No Electricity. No service at all. This has not concerned us, we use our camper van for monthly holidays there. We take water, Food ,drinks, Generator and chemical toilet.The agent in France says people are using leisure land for Glamping. There are other possibility, is for a house boat on the larger lake Planning does not apply as we have been informed.We have been offered close to £30-000-00 UK Stirling, our property has been valued close to £40.000.00 it is one of the nicest lakes in area. It took us 4 years to find this unique Place. We have an agent call see their website look for lakes near St Mathieu Ref No 92508KA87 they will conduct all your visits advise and legals.You can also buy direct from us at a price of £35,000.00 plus you legal fees of £1.500.00 from a company call Anglo french Solicitors here in the UK. If you need any other information please ask.

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