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24 Module Electronics Course + 4,500 circuit schematics on CD

24 Module Electronics Course + 4,500 circuit schematics on CD

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WHAT YOU GET: 1. ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS TRAINING SERIES (24 Modules, 4,900 plus pages on one CD, last updated in 2003) 2. Over 4,500 circuit schematics (These are in addition to any projects in the books, they are on the same CD.) 3. LESSONS IN ELECTRIC CIRCUITS (2,599 pages, one the same CD, last updated in 2006) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST BOOK: ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS TRAINING SERIES This is an original U.S. Training Manual designed for the US Navy. It is a comprehensive course on Electricity and Electronics. It is the same one being sold on Ebay by other except you also get over 4,500 schematics of electronic circuits AND Lesons On Electronic Circuits. CONTENTS Module 1. INTRODUCTION TO MATTER, ENERGY, AND DIRECT CURRENT 1. Matter, Energy, and Electricity 2. Batteries 3. Direct Current APPENDIX I. Glossary II. Laws of Exponents III. Square and Square Roots IV. Comparison of Units in Electric and Magnetic Circuits; and Carbon Resistor Size Comparison by Wattage Rating V. Useful Formulas for I,C. Circuits 283 pages Module 2. INTRODUCTION TO ALTERNATING CURRENT AND TRANSFORMERS 1. Concepts of Alternating Current 2. Inductance 3. Capacitance 4. Inductive and Capacitive Reactance 5. Transformers APPENDIX I. Glossary II. Greek Alphabet III. Square and Square Roots IV. Useful AC Formulas VI. Trigonometric Tables 250 pages Module 3. INTRODUCTION TO CIRCUIT PROTECTION CONTROL AND MEASUREMENT 1. Circuit Measurement 2. Circuit Protection Devices 3. Circuit Control Devices 214 pages Module 4. INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRICAL CONDUCTORS WIRING TECHNIQUES AND SCHEMATIC READING 1. Electrical Conductors 2. Wiring Techniques 3. Schematic Reading 152 pages Module 5. TEST METHODS AND PRACTICES 1. Basic Measurements 2. Component Testing 3. Quantitative Measurements 4. Qualitative Measurements 5. Waveform Interpretation 216 pages Module 6. INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONIC EMISSION TUBES AND POWER SUPPLIES 1. Introduction to Electron Tubes 2. Special- Purpose Tubes 3. Power Supplies 204 pages Module 7. INTRODUCTION TO GENERATORS AND MOTORS 1. Direct Current Generators 2. Direct Current Motors 3. Alternating Current Generators 4. Alternating Current Motors 120 pages Module 8. INTRODUCTION TO TEST EQUIPMENT 1. Test Equipment Administration and Use 2. Miscellaneous Measurements 3. Basic Meters 4. Common Test Equipment 5. Special-Application Test Equipment 6. The Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer 272 pages Module 9. INTRODUCTION TO SOLID STATE DEVICES AND POWER SUPPLIES 1. Semiconductor Diodes 2. Transistors 3. Special Devices 4. Solid-State Power Supplies 287 pages Module 10. INTRODUCTION TO AMPLIFIERS 1. Amplifiers 2. Video and RF Amplifiers 3. Special Amplifiers 186 pages Module 11. INTRODUCTION TO WAVE GENERATION AND WAVE SHAPING 1. Tuned Circuits 2. Oscillators 3. Waveforms and Wave Generators 275 pages Module 12. INTRODUCTION TO WAVE PROPAGATION TRANSMISSION LINES AND ANTENNAS 1. Wave Propagation 2. Radio Wave Propagation 3. Principles of Transmission Lines 4. Antennas 276 pages Module 13. MODULATION 1. Amplitude Modulation 2. Angle and Pulse Modulation 3. Demodulation 230 pages Module 14. INTRODUCTION TO MICROELECTRONICS 1. Microelectronics 2. Miniature/ Microminiature (2M) Repair Program and High-Reliability Soldering 3. Miniature and Microminiature Repair Procedures 175 pages Module 15. MICROWAVE PRINCIPLES 1. Wave guide Theory and Application. 2. Microwave Components and Circuits 3. Microwave Antennas 192 pages Module 16. RADAR PRINCIPLES 1. Radar Fundamentals 2. Radar Subsystems 3. Radar Indicators and Antennas 4. Radar System Maintenance 294 pages Module 17. RADIO-FREQUENCY COMMUNICATIONS PRINCIPLES 1. Introduction to Radio-Frequency Communications 2. Introduction to Communications Theory 3. Fundamental Systems Equipment 4. Introduction to Satellite Communications 5. Introduction to Miscellaneous Communications Systems and Equipment 201 pages Module 18. MAGNETIC RECORDING 1. Introduction to Magnetic Recording 2. Magnetic Tape 3. Magnetic Tape Recorder Heads 4. Magnetic Tape Recorder Transports 5. Magnetic Tape Recorder Record and Reproduce Electronics 6. Magnetic Tape Recorder Specifications 7. Digital Magnetic Tape Recording 8. Magnetic Disk Recording 164 pages Module 19. INTRODUCTION TO FIBER OPTICS 1. Background on Fiber Optics 2. Fiber Optic Concepts 3. Optical Fibers and Cables 4. Optical Splices, Connectors, and Couplers 5. Fiber Optic Measurement Techniques 6. Optical Sources and Fiber Optic Transmitters 7. Optical Detectors and Fiber Optic Receivers 8. Fiber Optic Links 238 pages Module 20. INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL COMPUTERS 1. Operational Concepts 2. Hardware 3. Software 4. Data Representation and Communications 172 pages Module 21. INTRODUCTION TO NUMBER SYSTEMS AND LOGIC 1. Number Systems 2. Fundamental Logic Circuits 3. Special Logic Circuits 218 pages Module 22. PRINCIPLES OF SYNCHROS SERVOS AND GYROS 1. Synchros 2. Servos 3. Gyros 4. Related Devices 196 pages Module 23. MASTER GLOSSARY OF TERMS 1. Master Glossary of Terms 95 pages Module 24. THE TECHNICIAN'S HANDBOOK 1. The Technician's Handbook 156 pages SECOND BOOK: LESSONS IN ELECTRIC CIRCUIT Volume I DC (546 Pages) Basic Concepts of Electricity Ohm’s Law Electrical Safety Scientific Notation and Metric Prefixes Series and Parallel Circuits Divider Circuits and Kirchhoff’s Laws Series-Parallel Combination Circuits Electrical Instrumentation Signals DC Network Analysis Batteries and Power Systems Physics of Conductors and Insulators Capacitors Magnetism and Electromagnetism Inductors RC and LR Time Constants Volume II AC (556 Pages) Basic AC Theory Complex Numbers Reactance and Impedance-- Inductive Reactance and Impedance--Capacitive Reactance and Impedance—R, L, And C Resonance Mixed-Frequency AC Signals Filters Transformers Polyphase AC Circuits Power Factor AC Metering Circuits AC Motors Transmission Lines Volume III Semiconductors (464 Pages) Amplifier and Active Devices Solid-State Devices Theory Diodes and rectifiers Bipolar Junction Transistors Junction Field-Effect Transistors Insulated Gate Field-Effect Transistors Thyristors Operational Amplifiers Practical Analog Semiconductor Circuits Active Filter DC Motor Drives Inverters and AC Motor Drives Electron Tubes Volume IV Digital (476 Pages) Numeration Systems Binary Arithmetic Logic Gates Switches Electromechanical Relays Ladder Logic Boolean Algebra Karnaugh Mapping Combinational Logic Functions Multivibrators Counters Shift Registers Digital-Analog Conversions Digital Storage (Memory) Principles of Digital Computing Volume V Reference (163 Pages) Useful Equations and Conversion Factors Resistors Color Code Conductor and Insulator Tables Algebra Reference Trigonometry Reference Calculus Reference Using the Spice Circuit Simulation Program Trouble Shooting—Theory and Practice Circuit Schematic Symbols Periodic Table of Elements Volume VI Experiments (376 pages) Basic Concepts and Test Equipment DC Circuits AC Circuits Discrete Semiconductor Circuit Analog Integrated Circuit Digital Integrated Circuits 1. The Technician’s Handbook 156 pages

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