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1,000,000's of stamps! DON'T BE FOOLED BY COPYCATS-WE ARE THE ORIGINAL 1000000's OF STAMPS SELLER ON EBAY !!_ WE HAVE BEEN SELLING THESE ON EBAY FOR 20 YEARS AND HAVE SOLD MANY 1000's OF LOTS!! THIS HUGE collection has 1,000,000's of stamps.We have been selling and BUYING stamps for 30+ years and we simply have WAY TOO MANY Stamps!! Our Storerooms and basement have stacks of cardboard boxes TO THE CEILING!! We buy COLLECTION AFTER COLLECTION, but we NEVER HAVE TIME TO GO THROUGH THEM. We have gotten to the point that they are pushing us OUT THE DOOR! We have NO IDEA WHAT'S IN THESE BOXES, and we simply DON"T CARE ANYMORE. We either have to SELL THESE Stamps or run our store FROM THE PARKING LOT!! MINT and Used, ALBUMS, STOCKSHEETS, GLASSINES, Complete SETS, DEALER CARDS, and more.STAMPS ARE WORLDWIDE(USA UPON REQUEST-USA Will be mostly used) ~~Bid in confidence~~ as we have been in business 30 YEARS and have 2 STORES! SEE PHOTOS of ONLY 1 ROOM STACKED TO THE CEILING with boxes of EVERY SHAPE AND SIZE- and the sad part is- What is shown in photos is ONLY A SMALL PART! REMEMBER! We haven't been through these boxes, so whatever we show you would be DIFFERENT IN EVERY LOT! DON'T MISS THIS! We will simply open boxes and COUNT OUT STAMPS and send it to you. I have 4 Daughters who LOVE TO COUNT. WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE SENDING YOU, because then we would want to go through the Stamps and that is NOT our purpose. OUR PURPOSE IS TO GET SOME SPACE! YOU PAY ONLY .05 PER STAMP EACH BID OF 1 LOT GETS YOU 100 STAMPS example: YOU BID QUANTITY 1 for $4.99-You get 100 stamps! YOU BID QUANTITY 10 for $4.99 each-You get 1000 stamps! YOU BID QUANTITY 100 for $4.99 each-You get 10000 stamps! YOU BID QUANTITY 10000 for $4.99 each-You get 1,000,000 stamps! You will get stamps loose on and OFF Paper, On ALBUM SHEETS, in GLASSINES, DEALER CARDS and STOCKCARDS. You could get singles, SETS, MINT, Used,CTO's, SHEETS, SS's. And REMEMBER-YOU ARE PAYING BY THE STAMP-NOT THE WEIGHT, so you are NOT PAYING FOR BIG HEAVY EMPTY ALBUMS and GLASSINES with 1 common stamp in them.No Promise on all different but we try to have few duplicatesNo Promise on Catalogue Value as we don't look up these stamps-just count them out.WE JUST PURCHASED 250 DEALER RED BOXES FULL OF DEALER CARDS WITH SETS AND SINGLES SO NOW EVERY LOT INCLUDES DEALER CARDS, SETS, AND MINI/SOUVENIR SHEETS! Just a note: We use to list 10,000 lots at a time but we sold so many that we were overwhelmed with the amount of orders and it would take us a month or more to get all the orders out, so we have started listing much fewer lots at a time so we can control the number sold and not fall behind. We still have 1000000's to sell, but now we are sending out within a few days as opposed to a few weeks. If you do want more lots than is currently listed, just let me know and we will add more lots to the listing.Thanks for looking!! Find all those HARD TO FIND issues that have eluded you. Bid in confidence as we have a store and been in business 30 years. USA SHIPPING: $1.30 for 1st lot and .40 for each additional 100 stamp lot!INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!Worldwide: Airmail shipping is $1.49 for 1st lot, 1.50 for each additional up to $60 max(unless over 100 lots purchased)!Canada: $1.49 for 1st lot and .50 for each additional lot.Other Questions: Q: Why the long time to ship? A: We are sorry for the wait - we usually have very large group of orders on this and it takes time to go through them. This lot as it is not premade and we have to wait until after it sells to make them up as we don't know how large each order will be and we want to give ourselves plenty of time to get them ready and do them right - we don't just throw some stamps in an envelope and mail them - we put together a nice selection and well protected and use nice commemoratives as postage. Please allow time for us to put the order together and ship and especially shipping time if you are out of the USA. Thanks! Q: Why do you not accept returns? A: We don't accept returns on this, not because we don't have faith in what we send out, but with a mystery lot like this we cannot fully know what we sent out so we cannot fully know that what is returned is exactly what we sent. If you have an issue we will do our best to resolve to your satisfaction on a case by case situation. I believe our feedback shows we have a very good track record with this and all lots we sell on Ebay. Q: I am interested in buying some lots but want to know from which pile do you select from? How do you know when you have a hundred stamps if they are not sorted? Thanks a lot for your time A: Hello; We try and pull from different groups to give good variety. If you note in the description that my daughters count most of these out so it is exact but we always add extra for missed damaged or miscount. Thanks! Q: I see you sell as "buy it now" but I am interested in buying a HUGE selection of what you have....and of good quality. I know you don't want to go through the stock but I am sure you KNOW whats Good...and what is just penny stamps.... A: Hello; We really don't go thru this before we sell. We put some together from full sheets that are usually Mint and CTO from all over, there is usually album pages, loose in glassines, packets from countries that were put together years ago by other stamp dealers. There is a large % of large size stamps and not many smaller but there will be some. We get good feedback about these lots. You will not get 100 of the same small regular issue stamp, we try to give as much variety as possible. Thanks! Q:i just got my stamps from you i am very happy with my order i order 10 sets i want to know if i order 25 sets will i get different stamps or will i get some that you already sent me maybe i will order 50 sets if they are all different A: We do try and give different stamps on 2nd and 3rd orders than in the first - we pull from different inventory, although we cannot say for sure that there were not be some duplication, it is usually different. RECENT FEEDBACK: Best seller I've found for this type of purchase. Very happy. Thank you. webbtexan Great item, just as described, fast shipping, great experience overall! A+ hrunting1066 Arrived in good condition. Heck of alotta stamps. : ) sjobergbox44 Recent Email: Hello again. I received the stamps package yesterday and spent the whole evening sorting it out. I simply have to thank you for the fabulous treasure trove you put together for me! It was a real joy to go through and I am still smiling! Thank you very much and many greetings from Slovenia, Andreja ! We will then ship right out to you worldwide.

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