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Brand new phone/pc /Laptop/PDA voice changer+headphone

Brand new phone/pc /Laptop/PDA voice changer+headphone

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Prix: 31,5 CAD (20,42 EUR)

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Hundreds of happy customers all over the world for this best quality and price product No other sellers/same products like these can do that Disguise Telephone Voice Changer *Model BSQ01* Brand new in box. Introduction: If you wanted to change your voice over the phone, the BSQ01 is the instrument to have. There are 8 different levels of voice changing (4 up and 4 down). Adjust the BSQ01 up or down a couple of levels to change your voice and sound realistic. Even your closest friend won't recognize you. Adjust the BSQ01 further up or down and sound like a cartoon character or an evil villain. When you need your phone in normal mode, simply turn off until next time. It's that simple! Plus we designed the unit to be portable and adaptable. You could easily take the BSQ01 to work, home or over to a friend's house. Operates on 3 AAA batteries and includes handset connector cable for single line phones. Please note: The BSQ01 will not work on cordless phones or cell phones Applications: Anyone at home alone: Any person home alone is vulnerable. The BSQ01 can be used over the course of Successive calls to give the impression that more than one person is present. Children: When children must be home alone (after school, for example) the BSQ01 can be used to give callers the impression that adults are also present. Elderly: If a criminal knows that only an elderly person is present, he may consider that home an easy target. The BSQ01 will give the impression that others are present. Avoid unwanted telephone calls: With the Voice Changer anyone can act as his or her own secretary. Sound different! Protect Your Family & Business! This is the best quality phone voice changer you ever see, not others can do!!!! and also this is the best value for your money!!!! This unit also can be used for PC for chat room...with our special please see below for more details headphone Change Your Phone Voice. Even Your Voice Gender. Brand New Item Now a Female Soprano Can Sound Like A Burley Army Drill Sergeant. With 8 Different Pitch Change Settings & Voice Amplification, You Can Be Anyone You Want Over The Phone. Most So Called Voice Changers Have You Sounding Like Daffy Duck Or A Machine. This High Quality Unit Transforms You Into A Different Person, Even Several Different People. A Female Voice Can Sound like A Male Voice Or Just A Different Female. A Male Voice Can Sound like A Female Voice Or Just A Different Male. Great Security For Women & Children Alone. Even A Little Girl Can Sound Like A 300 Pound Pro Football Player. A One Person Office Can Suddenly Have A Staff Of Eight. Did you ever want to convince someone you’re Not Really There. Now It's Easy. All You Need Is A Phone With A Wired Handset (The Part You Talk Into) That Has A Modular Connection To The Handset Or Phone Base That Looks Like This: The Cord Plugs Into The Voice Changer. The Voice Changer Plugs into The Handset. Nothing Else Matters, Small & Portable; Only 103×62×18.7mm & Runs On 3 AAABatteries. You Can Take This With You Anywhere. You Don't Have To Unplug The Unit When You Don't Want To Alter Your Voice. Just Leave It Connected And Instantly Switch It On When You Need It. Since It's Hard Wired To The Phone The Audio Quality Is Much Better Than The Ones That Fit Over The Mouth Piece. Plus You Don't Have To Fumble With It Trying To Get It In Place When The Phone Rings Late At Night. Just Flip The Switch. Great At The Office. You Can Be Yourself, Your Secretary, The Guy In Shipping And The Lady In Accounting, All At The Same Time Phone Voice Changer (BSQ01) The quality of this model is very good. It plugs into your phone so you do not have to hold it over the phone's mouthpiece. Pitch can be adjusted to make for voice sound low or high. Great for practical jokes or for women when home alone. Installs in seconds by plugging into the handset and base of any single line phone. Will not work on multilane phone systems. This easy to use voice changer connects between the handset cord and you telephone. Slide switches give you 8 combinations of pitch shifts for effective voice disguise. Most users can change up or down one or two pitches and maintain a natural sound. Operates on 3 "AAA" batteries. Unit includes handset connector cable and instruction book. Also a universal plug for different phones TELEPHONE VOICE CHANGER Now you can answer the telephone without anyone recognizing your voice. Press a button and completely change your voice. There are 8 different voice changing settings. A man can sound like a stranger, a women like a man, or a grand-dad like a child. Unlike most voice changers, the Voice Changer 2 connects to your handset, making it compatible with most telephones, even office phones. Travels anywhere, FEATURES * Wired between the phone and the receiver, so the voice quality is very clear. * The power will switch off automatically 10 seconds after the phone is hung up. * There are 8 pitch adjustments controlled by 2 switches, one for scaling the other for tuning. * The built-in amplifier boosts incoming sound level. DOES THE VOICE CHANGER WORK WITH ALL PHONES? The Voice Changer is designed following the standard wiring configurations between the telephone base and the handset. It does not work with the following types of phones: * Cordless phone, because cordless phone don't have a cord between the base and the handset, there are no connections available. * Telephones with dialing keypads in the handset because when the keypad is in the handset, the wiring between the base and the handset of the telephone is not standard. For example: Trimline, Princess. But you need to use a universal plug (supplied) * Multi-line system with non-standard configurations. For example: AT&T Merlin, ROLM and Tie. More details please visit ****** Brand New Fun & Practical Synthesizer cum Handsfree cum Microphone for All Computer, Laptop, PDA & Home Telephones • For Computer / Laptop / PDA Simply plug the "speaker" & "MIC" plugs into your computer / laptop / PDA "speaker" and "microphone" jacksTurn on voice changer and select type of voice and that's all you have to do. When you do not want to change your voice, just turn off the voice changer and it will also work as a normal hands free, very useful • For Home Phone Simply plug the phone headset cable (RJ-11/12) to the socket embedded in the voice changerTurn on voice changer and select type of voice and that's all you have to do. When you do not want to change your voice, just turn off the voice changer and it will also work as a normal hands free, very useful • Suits any computer/laptop/PDA with "speaker" and "microphone" socketsany home phone (home phone socket embedded in the base, RJ-11) Price:$34.00/set plus postage

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