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Holding Hands Couples 3D Casting Kit - Moulding Powder, Plaster, Tools, Bucket +

Holding Hands Couples 3D Casting Kit - Moulding Powder, Plaster, Tools, Bucket +

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Prix: 39,5 GBP (44,36 EUR)

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Couples Casting Kit - ideal for 2/3 adult hands (or more babies/toddlers). Comes with full instructionsAll you need to create amazing holding hands casts in any combination - the perfect gift for family & friendsChanges colour when setting - easy to use. Contains alginate moulding powder and plaster of parisIMPORTANT: use colder water for a longer setting timeComes with a full set of casting tools - paintbrush, wooden pick, PVA glue and latex-free gloves IMPORTANT: To avoid problems with the alginate setting too fast, please use really cold water if you are new to casting.Want to createan amazing holding hands cast? This kit provides all you need to make a hand casting and is perfect for 2/3 adult hands, or if you're casting your little ones you can fit in more. Always practice your chosen hand position a few times into the container first, filled with water first.This Couples Casting Kit contains:1 x Chromatic Alginate 900g1 x Plaster of Paris 1.5kg 1 x Casting Bucket 1 x Set of Cast Tools 1 x InstructionsMeasurements:4 litre bucket Height 176mm Diameter 201mmThere is a 3-step process to making your cast.Step 1: Making the mould using Chromatic Alginate Step 2: Pouring the Plaster of Paris into the mould to create the Cast Step 3: Revealing & finishing your new Cast - this is the exciting bit!Full instructions are included with the kit, along with a link to a video demonstration. Please read/watch carefully before starting the casting. TipsDo not seal the cast until it has fully dried. Allow 5-7 days for a full holding hands castLay a plastic bag, bin liner, or newspapers down to protect any surfacesPour the mixed plaster slowly, making sure to tilt the container from side to sideFor troublesome toddlers, bribe them with their favourite treats if they hold still for a couple of minutes :)Throw any leftover mixed alginate or plaster away - don't try and wash it down the sink!Try a silver, gold or bronze paint to finish your cast

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