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GLOWING Liquid: Neon/UV/Blacklight Reactive Dye / Paint

GLOWING Liquid: Neon/UV/Blacklight Reactive Dye / Paint

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Prix: 3,49 USD (2,84 EUR)

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  • Effect: Fluorescent Glow / UV Reactive
  • Color Choices: 1 Quantity = 1 Color (Email us your choices)
  • Material: Glowing UV Reactive Liquid Dye
  • Size: About 1 oz.
  • Usage: Fill Bottles, Painting, Dyeing and more
  • Brand: Darklight FX
  • Vendeur: darklightfx
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Milford, Iowa
  • Pays: US - US
  • Lieu de livraison: Monde entier
  • Numéro de l'objet: 250852153576
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Glowing Neon Blacklight Dye / Paint - Special Effects, Watercolor & Much More! • 1 Quantity = 1 Color Choice of Blacklight Dye Purchase any quantity in any combination of colors! • To choose colors, send us an eBay message after you pay • For the 7 color set instead go to our other auction (click here!) Quick Product Description: Darklight FX liquid blacklight dye: This is a liquid, water based blacklight dye that glows a radiant neon color when near a blacklight light source. It is the highest quality, professional grade glowing blacklight reactive product available. The fluorescent glowing effect lasts for years! It has many uses like painting, dyeing, and creating glowing water for incredible special effects. Each bottle is about 1 ounce of concentrated blacklight dye. It can be mixed with about 1 liter of water for some uses. For painting, use on white surfaces and don't add water. Keep out of sunlight. To learn more, read the Instructions & Tips section below for important details! Some Example Uses: • Water Dye - Create Glowing Bottles, Fountains, etc • Acrylic Style Painting (medium must be added) • Special Effects (Photography, Movie Effects, etc) • Fabric Dyeing (Costume Accessories etc) • Watercolor Style Painting • Anywhere you want glowing blacklight effects! • More examples and lots of pictures - scroll further down! Scroll Down for Photo Gallery! How to choose your colors: Each 1 quantity purchased in this auction is 1 bottle of blacklight dye in any color of your choice. Enter any quantity you'd like before clicking "Buy it Now." After you have sent PayPal payment, send us an eBay message to let us know what colors you would like. The color options are listed below. For example: if you would like 1 of each color, enter a quantity of 7, complete eBay checkout, then send an eBay message to let us know you want 1 of each color. Most eBay users can click here to send us an eBay message. There are 7 different colors: • ALIEN GREEN • ELECTRIC BLUE (invisible in regular light) • BLIZZARD BLUE • ATOMIC PURPLE • FUSCHIA FIRE • FIRE RED • ATOMIC ORANGE Instructions & Tips for Use: There are many different uses for this liquid blacklight dye. Read the important "Tips" box below before purchasing! • Keep out of sunlight to avoid fading • Do not ingest! Not for use on or in the body. • A nearby blacklight is required to achieve the glowing neon effect. • We recommend a good quality fluorescent tube blacklight. • Don't use LED, CFL, or incandescent blacklights. • Instructions are also included with each shipment Tips for Common Uses: (Read Before Use for Good Results!) Create glowing bottles: Often displayed in bars or nightclubs or as unique home decor. Fill your favorite bottle with the blacklight dye to make it glow when a blacklight is on nearby! Use about 1 quantity of blacklight dye mixed with 1 liter of water to fill liquor, beer, or any other decorative bottles. Clear glass bottles work best. Use the Alien Green color with green glass bottles for a unique effect! Painting (watercolor): Use as you would liquid ink or watercolor paint. Can be blended, splashed, splattered, and more to create amazing effects similar to how watercolor paint works. Apply to white paper using a brush or other tool for best results. Add little to no water. Painting (acrylic): For painting a wall or other non-absorbent surface, read this: This liquid, water based dye can be mixed with acrylic medium to create a fluid blacklight acrylic paint that glows and sticks to most surfaces! This allows it to be painted onto almost any surface, like a primed canvas or wall. The resulting mixture will be fluid, semi-transparent, and act like a "glaze." Be sure to paint onto white surfaces (a white primed canvas or white wall is ideal). Do not add water. Fabric Dyeing: Important fabric instructions: Use thin, white, absorbent pieces of smaller fabric. Dark or thick fabrics may not work. Alien Green is recommended to start with. Add as little water as possible to submerge your fabric. The blue and purple colors may not be as noticeable since many white fabrics already glow a blue-purple color under blacklight. The dye is not permanent and can wash out. Other possibilities: Feel free to experiment! As with any art and craft product, some methods may work better than others, so please be sure to read the instructions for some starting guidelines. • PC Watercooling water dye • Halloween & Party Costumes • Photography & Video special effects • Invisible security and detection • Party decorations • Classroom experiments & teaching • Write invisible messages • Artwork • Calligraphy • Fountains and other water effects • Read this "Tips" box for info to get good results • Instructions also included with shipment Past Feedback A very small sample of feedback left by customers over the past years. Thousands of satisfied customers have purchased this product and left glowing feedback! Feel free to check our great feedback history! Very cool dye and great seller, super fast shipping. Highly recommend Apr-05-13 Alien Green works perfect! Quick shipment! Sep-08-13 Fast ship, exactly as described and handy instruction sheet included! Thank you! May 15-12 AMAZING product. Will be buying again! Nov-24-11 Oh These are just too much fun!!! Thanks for the quick delivery and great service Sep-27-10 Arrived soon, low shipping cost on multi order is nice. Thank you, good seller! Sep-25-10 Very Cool Product. Turned old Bottle into a Real Eye Catcher. Thanks Sep-19-10 Awesome seller! Items are way cooler then described, I'll be buying more.THANKS! Jul-22-10 Thanks! My art project will look fantastic! Mar-14-10 Frequently Asked Questions Quick answers to common questions customers have for this auction. If your question is not listed here, send us an eBay message! How do I send my color choices? After you have sent payment please send us an eBay message to let us know your color choice(s.) Each 1 quantity purchased in this auction is 1 color choice. Purchase as many as you would like, in any combination! Most eBay users can click here to send us an eBay message. If we don't hear from you, don't worry, we will send you a reminder! For the fastest order processing, please send your color choices right after payment. What is included? / What size are the bottles? Each bottle is about 1 ounce of concentrated liquid dye, please see Instructions & Tips (above) for important product usage details. A full instructions and tips sheet is also included with each order. This auction allows you to choose either the 7-color packs (for 1 of each color, 2 of each color, etc), OR you may choose a specific number of dye bottles. If you choose a specific number of dye bottles be sure to send your specific color choices--please see the above topic for "How do I send my color choices." How much is Shipping & Handling? For most users, eBay will always display the order total, with shipping & handling included, before you confirm your bid on an auction. Another way to see the shipping & handling cost for your desired order is to click on the "shipping and payments" tab that is located below the main auction photos toward the top left of this webpage. This will bring up detailed shipping information where you can enter your location and other information to calculate shipping. What are your shipping and delivery times? We ship via USPS within 1-3 business days of receiving payment. eBay displays estimated delivery times, please keep in mind these times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. International customers: allow plenty of time for your shipment to be delivered. We commonly see delivery times of 2-3 weeks and on rare occasions there can be delays caused by international customs which we can't control. Also be sure that your country allows importing of liquid goods. Buyers are responsible for any taxes/tariffs and other regulations of your country. How long does the glowing effect last? The glowing effect can last for years. The product needs to be kept out of sunlight to avoid fading, so indoor use only is recommended. A blacklight light source is required for the glowing effect. For best results, be sure to use a good quality fluorescent tube blacklight, such as the widely available G.E. brand 24" fluorescent blacklight tube. Photo Gallery Example photos of just a few of the many possible uses of this product! Thousands of satisfied customers! This is one of our most popular products! It has been sold for years to thousands of happy customers, which can be seen in our feedback history. If you have any questions we will be happy to help! Use the Contact Seller link on eBay to reach us. -->

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