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ROYAL ROOSTER Chicken / Poultry Coop - Waterer / Drinker & Feeder Set

ROYAL ROOSTER Chicken / Poultry Coop - Waterer / Drinker & Feeder Set

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Prix: 74,95 AUD (47,54 EUR)

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  • Bird Size: Chickens, Ducks
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Feeder & Drinker Set
  • Brand: Royal Rooster
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ROYAL ROOSTER Drinker & Feeder Sets - the ORIGINAL and the best! Become one of the thousands of Australians who have flocked to Royal Rooster’s Australian made drinker and feeder sets! As recommended by Dr Harry on Better Homes and Gardens TV Show. As seen in Gardening Australia, Organic Gardener, Country Style Magazine, Good Organic Gardening, G Magazine, Earth Garden and Grass Roots. (**Beware of imitations on the market. Be sure to purchase the genuine, original and professionally designed drinker and feeder sets made by Royal Rooster, the innovators of these slim-line products made for Aussie backyards**.) Your package will include: 1 x Feeder - holds 3kg of feed, approx 50cm tall, with specially designed divisions to reduce feed wastage (saves lots of money on feed) - no training of your chickens required! 1 x Feeder Rain Cover – included at no extra charge! The rain cover will keep your feed nice and dry in wet weather, giving you the flexibility of positioning your feeder inside or outside your coop. 1 x Drinker - holds 4 litres of water, approx 50cm tall, with the important 'blue tongue' style drinker cup which allows for the extra dust and dirt associated with backyard chickens. We've found this 4 litre capacity drinker to be ideal and works very well with the 'Lubing' brand drinker cup. 2 x Lids - these are ergonomically designed and made for these sets; very easy to remove. 4 x Rear Hooks - specially designed rear hooks (shaped to fit the feeder) so you can easy and regularly unhook your sets from their normal location (mesh, solid wall etc) for cleaning and refilling. Great feature! 4 x Solid Wall Brackets – included at no extra charge! For those who plan to attach their set to a solid wall rather than mesh, 4 specially designed aluminum brackets are included with your order free of charge. You can also look forward to super-fast postage, excellent ongoing customer service and very happy chickens! These drinkers and feeders overcome many of the common problems associated with the metal or plastic feeders that you regularly see in pet or fodder stores, as well as those listed on Ebay. As owners of Royal Rooster (one of Australia's most popular chicken coop manufacturers) we regularly had customers asking us how to prevent a range of problems they were experiencing with their traditional style drinkers and feeders (and to be honest, we had the same problems with our chickens).... So we decided to design and manufacture our own! We are overwhelmed with the response we’ve received about our humble Aussie invention! THE DRINKER - You can rest easy knowing your chickens will have a regular supply of clean water without issues of evaporation, algae growth, spilled or dirtied water or sun-perished containers. THE FEEDER - You can look forward to saving many dollars by using these feeders as they discourage chickens from scratching their grain or pellets onto the ground to be wasted. Plus, the wild birds and possums find it very difficult to steal your feed (see customer feedback about this, below). So many features... Hook these anywhere - Place inside or outside your coop, on mesh or on a solid structure. The rear hooks and specially designed removable lids make cleaning and refilling just so easy! You can conveniently unhook your set and take directly to your feed bin or tap for refilling and cleaning. Most of our customers hook these sets onto the mesh of their coop (as shown in the previous pictures) but if you plan to position these on a solid wall, 4 brackets will be included free of charge for the drinkers & feeder to attach to (see below). Save $$$ money on feed - The Royal Rooster feeders overcome the common problem of feed wastage. We used to have so much grain wasted by chickens who would scratch all their feed onto the ground in search of the tastiest piece of grain! This is a very common thing for chickens to do. The uniquely designed tray that forms part of this feeder has special divisions, which discourages the chickens from 'swiping' the grain from the feed tray and onto the ground. Many dollars are saved using this type of feeder. Both pellets and grain mixes work well in this feeder. Save feed going to wild birds & possums - Our customers have found an additional benefit - sparrows and possums find it very hard to steal the chickens' feed! Even more money saved by NOT feeling the local wildlife as well as your chickens. Keep your feed dry – The feeder rain cover allows you to place your feeder out in the open without having to deal with wet and wasted feed. These covers are professionally designed and manufactured by Royal Rooster specially for this purpose. Easy to remove lids - We have specially designed these lids ourselves making them very easy to remove. The lids feature a lip around the top edge, which you curl your fingers over when you lift to remove. In the 'early days' we used basic PVC end caps but these are made to fit PVC pipe 'snugly' and are therefore difficult to remove. These lids are super easy to put on and off. Keep your water clean – Chickens love to scratch… but chicken owners have better things to do than clean out a dirty drinker every day! Our drinkers provide a regular supply of clean water without the hassles of dirty water. These drinker cups, unlike the vertical nipples, do not require any training by your chickens. They'll take to the drinker straight away. Valve operated drinker cup – We use German-made, valve-operated 'Lubing' cups on our drinkers (used by poultry experts). When the water level goes down in the cup the valve automatically activates to allow more water to replenish the red drinker cup. The chickens do not need to move the float for the cup to be replenished. Our drinkers hold 4 litres of water, which we have found to be the ideal amount of water for one drinker cup. **BLUE STYLE DRINKER CUP**: The company 'Lubing' manufacture these cups for large poultry houses and therefore do not account for the dust and dirt that backyard chickens can flick into the drinker cups. As such, Royal Rooster who are dedicated to being innovators in this field, has manufactured a specially designed 'blue tongue' float that replaces the yellow float seen on all other Lubing cups. This is made from the same material, but has a slightly different shape to the rear part of the float, to allow a greater amount of water to enter and remain in the cup, without the dust and dirt affecting the valve mechanism. In the ‘early years’ we had lots of customers complain that their drinker cup wasn’t working and their chickens were thirsty… but with the blue tongue in place, we have very happy customers and consistently hydrated chickens! UV Resistant - These UV resistant sets will not heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastic ones on the market. Unlike transparent drinkers, our drinker does not allow light through meaning that algae will not form. You can look forward to less cleaning, cleaner water and a much more durable product. Maximizes the space in your coop - The slim-line design of these drinkers and feeders means more room for your chickens inside their coop. Alternatives If you would like just a drinker or feeder or the twin version of our drinker, please have a look at our ‘other items’ for these and other combinations. Feedback This is what some of our Ebay customers have had to say: ...These things are the best!!! I love them and so do my chickens! A+ ...The drinker/feeder set is absolutely awesome! Works wonderfully! ...Feeder and waterer work great. So much less time now cleaning bowls. Thanks a ton. ...Great Ebayer - 5 S*T*A*R*S* - My chooks love the new feeder & waterer set!!!!!! ...Well made product. FAST shipping. Highly Recommended. ...Awesome product. Thanks for the quick service. ...Exceptionally happy, Our little chicken Myrtle loves it! Great ebayer! ...Wish I had them years ago. Great seller, very helpful ...Great ebayer. Good to deal with. They are a great idea. Chooks will be very happy. ...Very clever product. Fast delivery. Thank you! ... The chickens like their new feeder it stops the wild birds eating their food A+ ... Thanks, keeps the birds and possums out of the food & keeps the water clean. ... Arrived super fast. A+ desing - great to stop pest birds eating the chooks' food! ...Thanks! Works well. Stops the sparrows from eating the feed. Postage We send our drinker and feeder sets by Australia Post. We use 'receipted delivery' with Australia Post so we (and you) can track the progress of your parcel. If you order 3 sets or more, we can use a courier, but let us know if you'd prefer Australia Post. Royal Rooster Store Be sure to check out our complete range of coops as well as drinkers and feeders: Contact Royal Rooster If you have any queries about these drinker & feeders or our coop range, please message us via Ebay.

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