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FB2Mb–10KG GAS METAL MELTING FURNACE Propane Forge Copper Brass Bronze Silver

FB2Mb–10KG GAS METAL MELTING FURNACE Propane Forge Copper Brass Bronze Silver

Fast Delivery! Gas Regulators Fits for Most Countries!

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Prix: 347,1 USD (287,04 EUR)

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Untitled Document If you think that our gas regulator does not fit your gas tank, you can ADJUST THE SET:Without connection kit - $20 less.When You make the payment please leave a note or a message “Without connection kit” and we will refund that amount. fSHIPPING INFORMATION Delivery time in European Union: 5-7 business days; USA, Canada: 5-8 business days; other countries: 5-12 business days. The packages are shipped via FEDEX, UPS, DPD, TNT. Very rarely the package can be shipped via regular post to extended areas, therefore shipping might be slower. FB2Mb - 10KG Propane Metal Melting Furnace, Efficient and EconomicalMax crucible size for 10kg brass & 4.4kg aluminum castingHeats up to 2642°F (1450°C) DFC powerful burner, power 180,000 BTU FB2Mb – 1 burner furnace This portable furnace is designed to melt up to 10kg of Material. This HIGH TEMPERATURE FAST MELTING propane furnace is designed to melt metals up to 2642° Fahrenheit (approx. 1450° Celsius). This furnace can handle metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Tin, etc. DFC burner (180,000 BTU). Powerful and efficient. Our nozzle design is lasting longer and increases the burner's efficiency. Its operating pressure range 1 - 25 PSI. There is a choke on the top of our burner – it regulates the amount of air that is mixed with the propane during combustion. Note: If You are looking for a good burner, You must know one thing – good burner must have air choke. If the burner doesn't have it (don't look at that side!), You can't reach maximum temperature because you need a different quantity of air on different pressure! WATCH VIDEO “LESSON HOW TO REGULATE AIR CHOKE TO REACH IDEAL FLAME” Specification FB2Mb: Burner: DFC 1pcs. ;Furnace Body Constructed of: steel 16 gauge (1.5mm), the shell is lightweight;Chamber Dimensions: 8"Width x 10"Height (200mm x 250mm); Max crucible size for 10kg brass & 4.4kg aluminum casting Outside Dimensions: 12"Width x 15"Height (300mm x 380mm);Weight: 33lb (15kg). Furnace Interior fully lined with 2 inches of ceramic wool. Furnace cover lined with 2 inches of ceramic wool. Furnace floor is made from 2.5-3 inches of ceramic wool and firebrick providing superior strength and durability. Connection kit included with every forge:Gas pressure regulator, gauge with manometer;6.5 ft (2 meters) gas hose;2 clamps; All you need to supply is the propane tank. Our manometer with Mpa measurement. 0.1Mpa - 1Bar - 14.5PSI The manometer advantages: You can adjust exact gas pressure You need and control gas consumption. You can see when the pressure is falling down.Table explanation:ATM: Gas pressure from gas pressure regulator (in Atmospheres). 1ATM - 1.01Bar - 14.5PSIPSI: Gas pressure from gas pressure regulator (in Pounds per square inch). 1PSI - 0.06ATM - 0.068BarBTU/Hr: British thermal unit per hour. 1 BTU/hr = 0.00029307107 kWLBS/Hr: Pounds per hour. 1 lbs = 0.45359237 kilogramsKg/Hr: Kilogram per hour. 1 kilogram = 2.20462262 lbsKW/Hr: Kilowatt per hour. 1 kW/Hr = 3412.142 BTU/Hr DFC PSIATMBTU/Hlbs/hKW/hKg/h10,0736.6741,7010,750,7720,1451.8642,4015,201,0930,2063.5202,9418,621,3340,2773.3473,4021,501,5450,3482.0053,8024,031,7260,4189.8324,1626,331,8970,4897.0294,4928,442,0480,54103.7284,8030,402,1890,61110.0215,1032,242,31100,68115.9725,3733,992,44151,02142.0366,5841,632,98201,36164.0097,6048,073,45251,70183.3688,4953,743,85302,04200.8699,3058,874,22352,38216.96410,0563,594,56402,72231.94410,7467,984,87Graphic explanation:BTU/Hr: burner power.PSI: gas pressure from gas pressure regulator.Illustrations may vary from actual product design, but the specifications are the same.User manual in English is included.

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