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Sterling Size 7 Uranium Glass Square 925 Silver

Sterling Size 7 Uranium Glass Square 925 Silver

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Prix: 89 USD (73,72 EUR)

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  • Type of Glass: Uranium
  • Color: Green
  • Object Type: Jewelry
  • Vendeur: songbirdsweet1
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Longmont, Colorado
  • Pays: US - US
  • Lieu de livraison: Monde entier
  • Numéro de l'objet: 274546030139
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A square uranium glass stone set in a 925 sterling silver ring setting. The ring glows bright green under a blacklight. The stone is 10x10mm and is vintage pre-1980s. This ring is by far my most populsr design. I make this in a size 7 only to keep the price low but it can be resized. If you'd like me to resize it please contact me for a custom listing. Your purchase comes with a keychain blacklight. Like the stone but not the setting? I have a few other setting designs that fit this stone. I also have the stone in smaller 4mm and 6mm. Feel free to message me and I'll help you pick a setting design that you like. Feel free to check out my other uranium glass jewelry items for sale. I also do custom commissions with a specialty in sterling silver rings so don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for something specific! All international orders of uranium glass are sent USPS First Class International and not Global Shipping. If you are interested in more than one item, please message me as I do deals on multiple purchases. Uranium glass is glass made with up to 2% uranium dioxide for color. The uranium content causes the glass to fluoresce bright green under a UV blacklight. It is very slightly radioactive and will register on a Geiger counter. Most jewelry pieces will register just above background radiation, enough to show true uranium content yet safety for wearing. The uranium glass in jewelry is the same glass found in the depression-era glassware that is popular with collectors. Uranium glass is identified with a UV blacklight, and it's only uranium glass if the item is truly glass, not another material, and glows the telltale bright neon green. If a piece of glass fluoresces bright green then it contains uranium. No other material or element *in glass* has that effect. Other jewelry materials such as resin, plasic, enamel, paint, acrylic, some gemstones, and even adhesive under a rhinestone can glow like uranium, so it is imperative for a collector of such glass in jewelry to make sure the glowing item is truly glass. Sometimes an item can glow a dull green rather than bright neon, and that is due to manganese rather than uranium. I treasure hunt all over the world for vintage uranium glass pieces to use in jewelry, as well as new pieces from Czech Republic. I specialize in sourcing old art deco jewelry components and faceted stones. I also very much enjoy finding vintage uranium glass jewelry pieces. I represent my vintage pieces to the best of my knowledge with all the research I can muster, but from time to time I may get something incorrect, however, I strive to avoid any misrepresentation and will designate if I am unsure of something. All of my own pieces are made with the greatest care and love and have a lifetime guarantee for repair. I test all glowing items in both my own pieces and in vintage pieces with a pin scratch test, a presidium tester, and a Geiger counter to ensure that all of my items are true uranium glass.

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