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Uranium Glass Square 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 7

Uranium Glass Square 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 7

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Prix: 89 USD (73,6 EUR)

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Caractéristiques de l'objet
  • Type of Glass: Uranium
  • Color: Green
  • Object Type: Jewelry
  • Vendeur: songbirdsweet1
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Longmont, Colorado
  • Pays: US - US
  • Lieu de livraison: Monde entier
  • Numéro de l'objet: 274546030139
  • Garantie client eBay
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A square uranium glass stone set in a 925 sterling silver ring setting. The ring glows bright green under a blacklight. The stone is 10x10mm. Your purchase comes with a keychain blacklight. Feel free to check out my other uranium glass jewelry items for sale. I also do custom commissions with a specialty in sterling silver rings so don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for something specific! I make this in a size 7 only to keep the price low, but if you love it and need it in a different size please contact me. Uranium glass is made with 2% uranium dioxide for color. The uranium content causes the glass to fluoresce bright green under a UV blacklight. It is very slightly radioactive and will register on a Geiger counter, but it is not harmful. It has about as much radiation as a banana. Uranium glassware is a very popular collectors item, however, uranium glass is rare to find in jewelry. I treasure hunt for vintage uranium glass pieces to use in jewelry from all over the world. I specialize in sourcing fine art deco jewelry components, as well as true vintage uranium glass jewelry items. All my pieces are made with the greatest care and love and have a lifetime guarantee for repair. I strive for making wearable uranium glass jewelry that is beautiful both with and without a blacklight.

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