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The Inventions, Researches & Writings of Nikola Tesla New Leather Bound Hardback

The Inventions, Researches & Writings of Nikola Tesla New Leather Bound Hardback

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Prix: 34,99 USD (28,75 EUR)

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The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla This is a brand new in shrink-wrap leather-bound edition of The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla. The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla is the definitive record of the pioneering work of one of the modern world’s most groundbreaking inventors. During the early twentieth century, Nikola Tesla blazed the trail that electrical technology would follow for decades afterward. Although he pioneered inventions like alternating current (AC), radio, wireless transmission, and X-rays, and worked with innovators like George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, the once celebrated Tesla was later largely forgotten by history. With illustrations and diagrams of many of Tesla’s early patents and inventions, as well as dozens of thought-provoking lectures and articles, this volume offers a rare glimpse of a true genius at work. The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla features authoritative text by one of the world’s greatest authors in an exquisitely designed bonded-leather binding, with distinctive gilt edging and an attractive silk-ribbon bookmark. Decorative, durable, and collectible, these books offer hours of pleasure to readers young and old and are an indispensable cornerstone for every home library. This book has dimensions of 6.6"w x 9.4"h. PLEASE NOTE: This will NOT come with a sticker on the front of it because we do quality control and this ships directly from our store. We do this because we have seen other sellers who attempt to emulate our selling style by making their listings look similar drop ship all their merchandise and there is no quality control. Also, as this book can be gift worthy we wouldn't want it to show up with a big price sticker on the front which could possibly damage or leave glue residue on the book. Your book purchase is too important to us to not have that in place. I ship via media mail within the U.S. If you would like an expedited option please let me know before buying. I ship globally, but I use the U.S. service which I ship to in Kentucky and it ships out to the Country and uses their services. Also, if you are an international buyer and would like to combine shipping and the add to cart and request total option is not working please contact me about creating you a listing. Paypal and Ebay checkout preferred, each allow you to use credit cards and some even offer payment plans. Thanks!

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