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  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Product: Single Spice
  • Food Specifications: Natural, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Low Fat, No artificial Coloring, No artificial Flavoring, No MSG, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Preservatives Free, Sugar Free
  • Number of Servings: Depends on you
  • Regional Cuisine: Asian
  • Serving Size: Depends on you
  • Type: Carolina Reaper
  • Expiration Date: Best By May 2022
  • Form: Whole Dried Pods
  • Cuisine: Heat Lovers
  • Size: Under 1oz.
  • UPC: 0691037289928
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Food Aisle: Pantry
  • Brand: PepperliciousS Pepper Company
  • Spice Type: Chile pepper
  • Vendeur: pepperliciouss
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Greenville, Rhode Island
  • Pays: US - US
  • Lieu de livraison: Monde entier
  • Numéro de l'objet: 302443343369
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A QUANTITY of TWENTY (20) WHOLE DRIED CAROLINA REAPER CHILI PEPPER PODS with SEEDS.WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PHOTO IS WHAT YOU WILL GET (now with new and improved packaging)!!! EACH ORDER COMES WITH 20 ( OR MORE ) WHOLE CAROLINA REAPER CHILI PEPPER PODS."Add some heat to what you eat!"***We cannot guarantee that these seeds will germinate since ovens are used in the drying process******The pods shown in the photo may vary slightly in size and color*** The CAROLINA REAPER was originally named the “HP22B”. In 2013, GUINNESS dubbed it the HOTTEST CHILI in the WORLD with peak levels of over 2.2 MILLION SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS (SHU). But, really the name “The CAROLINA REAPER“ says all you need to know. They are CRAZY HOT with cherry undertones and a hint of citrus flavor. If you love hot spicy food, then this pepper is a great choice to make that happen. Use this pepper sparingly, to add flavor and heat to all your foods.They are Naturally grown resulting in ULTIMATE QUALITY AND SATISFACTION.Each order is processed AND shipped ASAP. We even ship on Saturdays so you will receive your Carolina Reapers as fast as possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message!Makes a great Holiday gift for that heat lover!Suggested Uses Dried Carolina Reaper pods are a great way to experience the world's hottest pepper! Here are a few suggestions for using these sweat producing, mouthwatering, tear inducing, super-hot peppers.1. Make Reaper Flakes A great use is to make hot Reaper flakes. Start by de-stemming the peppers (protect yourself and wear gloves!), then pulse them in a food processor for a few seconds. Let the mixture settle for a few minutes before opening the lid to prevent inhaling. You may want to open a window or two for some extra ventilation! When you're finished, put it in a container and sprinkle on all your favorite foods.2. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Making your own hot sauce is probably the most popular use for the reaper. The combinations of different fruits and veggies you can use are almost endless. Be creative! Try different types of vinegar (apple cider, white distilled, red wine) and olive oils as well. The key is to soften up the dried peppers by soaking them in liquid to re-hydrate them. And remember to always refrigerate home-made sauce when done.3. Make Your Own Chili Make your own chili. Either drop a pod into your favorite chili recipe or use some of your home made Reaper flakes to bring up the heat.4. Use in Soups One of my favorite ways to use whole reapers is to drop them in a nice big pot of soup. Add a pod or two (if you dare), and let them simmer in the liquid. Be sure to remove them before serving unless you want to punish yourself!RE-HYDRATE THE PODS FOR ADDITIONAL USES by placing them in a bowl and cover with a 1/2" of boiling water and soak for 15 minutes.5. Make your own SalsaOnce the peppers are re-hydrated, add them to some tomatoes, onions, and garlic for some HOT goodness and enjoy!Don’t Forget, it's better to be safe than sorry... • Always wear gloves when handling Carolina Reaper-hot peppers! • If you are processing peppers, use caution, make sure there is adequate ventilation. • If you get anything on your skin, rub some vegetable oil on the affected area, and then rinse with soap and water. Repeat as needed.***WARNING: VERY HOT PEPPERS. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN OPENING, TRANSFERRING, AND CONSUMING THIS PRODUCT.***By purchasing this product, you accept full responsibility for any misuse, abuse, or damage caused by this product. Can burn / irritate tongue, fingers, eyes, skin and orifices.KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!


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