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Allemagne, anciennes colonies

Prix: 3,5 USD (2,88 EUR)

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Caractéristiques de l'objet
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Estonia
  • Topic: WWII
  • Year of Issue: 1941-1950
  • Certification: Uncertified
  • Quality: Mint Never Hinged/MNH
  • Place of Origin: Germany & Colonies
  • Grade: VF/XF (Very Fine/Extremely Fine)
  • Vendeur: kalf999_com
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Zutphen
  • Pays: NL - US
  • Lieu de livraison: Monde entier
  • Numéro de l'objet: 324081113585
  • Garantie client eBay
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Also avaiable in blocks of 4. Order 4 sets and I send blocks of 4. Terms and Conditions Who we are : Our company consists of several shops/offices in different cities in the Netherlands. We are a large professional dealer for decades. We always try to put more items for sale each week, but time is not on our side, unfortunately...... As we have very competitive prices we are more busy with shipping and handling than scanning and offering items on EBay. Many of our customers are also (semi)-dealers. As long as they buy from us we realize that we handle very competitive pricing. Visiting the Netherlands ? Drop by for a cup of coffee and see for yourself ! You are not the first one. Our goals : One of our main goals is to make you happy with the supplied stamp or coins. We will never use outrageous pricing. It is still a hobby, right ? But as a full-time professional dealer a like to have my daily dinner and lunch too ;) So yes, we make some profit on the stamps. In case of any problems or other questions, just contact us ! Some other notes : 1. First of all we offer combined shipping for all items. 2. All shipments with a value from 40 US$ or more will be shipped with Registered Shipping with Track & Trace + Insurance + Use of a special protective Foam-envelope. ($15.00) If you pay for regular shipping you agree on shipping at own risk. 3. Standard shipping costs for orders up to 40 US$ are 2.95 US$ for small items ( = singles, sets and small souvenir sheets) that can be shipped under 20 Grams. (That are the most of the items from my shop.) 4. If we have to use larger envelopes with extra protection, prices can increase to a next rate, due to the weight. ( In most cases this will be 20-50 Grams, sometimes 50-100 Grams) 5. Returns accepted (Restocking fee may apply) Most used abbreviations MNH = Mint Never Hinged. Or ** MH = Mint Hinged. MLH = Mint low hinged. MVLH = Mint very low hinged. Or * OG = Original gum. NOG = Not original gum. MNG = Mint No Gum. (*) MNGAI = Mint No Gum As Issued (**) (o) = USED M/S, MS or KB = Minisheet . S/S or SS = Souvenirsheet. SC = Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue. MI = Michel Postage Stamp Catalogue. NVPH = Dutch Dealer Association Catalogue. XF = Extremely Fine = No hidden faults, well centered example. VF = Very Fine = No hidden faults. But can be slightly off centered, or heavy cancelled, one or more shorter perfs or partly/slighly toned gum. F = Visible damages like tears, folds, missing perfs, tropical stains/spots or invisible major damages like tears, heavy toned gum, regummed, repairs. For all items we advise to always check the "Item Condition-section". We not prefer to sell stamps in quality F or less, unless the stamp is very rare. So we will always describe invisible problems or damages in this section. Shipping & Postal Rates Value up to 40 US$ , shipping to E.U. * , USA **, Canada, Australia + New Zealand *** Letter up to 20 Grams , Priority Shipping , 2.95 US$ ( Up to 10 small items) Letter 20-50 Grams, Priority Shipping, 4.50 US$ (10-20 small items) Letter 50+ Grams, Priority Shipping , Protected Envelope, Track&Trace , No Insurance, 15.00 US$ * Excl. Overseas Territories or Departments. ** Excluding Puerto Rico, Guam. *** Excluding all other Independant Islands and Territories in Oceania. Value 40$ or more and all other countries Worldwide not mentioned above. Examples are China, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Thailand , Dutch Antilles, Carribean , French Territories and all others. Registered +Track&Trace + Insurance + Protective Foam-envelope. Total costs 15.00 US$. Invoices & Payments After the auction I will send you an invoice with the total costs.However you can hold payment if you like to buy more items or want to wait some current auctions. Usually you can hold payment up to 2-3 weeks (depending on the country).The only thing you need to do is send us a message that you want to pay later.Please note that when the total of purchased items increase, the postal rates can also increase. Environment Important note for buyers regarding the environment. We always try to combine shipping. But when you are planning to buy more items, please put your items in the Shopping-Cart before you do a Check-Out. If we are in the office and we receive a payment, we immediately print a label, print our invoice , get your order, put it in an envelope and make it ready for shipment incl. postage. So if we receive more bids or purchases, we have to handle as a new order. Regarding the environment we can not throw away our old invoice, print a new invoice, reopen your letter (and take a new one) and combine again in a new shipment. Thanks for understanding , Coin & Stampshop KALF

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