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1kg Low Viscosity Ultra-Clear Epoxy Resin [UV Resistant]

1kg Low Viscosity Ultra-Clear Epoxy Resin [UV Resistant]

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Prix: 36,99 GBP (40,77 EUR)

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1.0kg Low Viscosity Ultra-Clear Epoxy resin [UV Resistant] (667g A + 333g B) Key Properties:· Crystal Clarity: Cures clear to a glass-like finish.· Low Viscosity: Good flow, easy to work with.· UV Resistance: No yellowing, even if left outdoors under direct sunlight.· Solvent-Free + Non-Toxic : A safe product to work with – virtually odourless and no fumes.· Self-Levelling: At 2mm thickness layers and above, the resin self-levels.· Easy 2:1 Mix Ratio: Simply mix 2 parts A to 1 part B by weight. Suitable for:· Moulding/Casting/Potting/Encasing.· Laminating/Adhesion/Wood· Boats/Yachts/Bicycles/Motorbikes (and repairs).· Art/Paintings/Crafts/Jewellery· Home Decorations.· Floors (garages, indoor, garden paths, penny floors)· Tables (kitchen tops, garden tables, bars, wooden tables). How much will I need for a surface area?A general rule is that 1kg of epoxy = 1m2 = 1mm thick layer. *Minimum recommended thickness for floors, tables and surfaces is 2mm, to enable uniform and adequate coverage; so 2kg/m2. 2kg Epoxy Resin per square metre = Minimum Coverage for floorings/tables/surfaces. Epoxy Resin and Colour PigmentsTo achieve full colouration (i.e. a solid colour throughout), you would need 4% in pigments of the weight of the epoxy resin used. So if you are using 1kg of resin, you would need 40g of pigments. How to UseAll our kits come with a detailed, step-by-step instruction guide on how to use our epoxy resin and common pitfalls to avoid when working with our resin. You must follow the instructions closely to ensure proper results. Maximum Thickness per PourThere is no problem with doing several layers of resin to finish a project. As long as you wait for a particular layer to fully cure, you can do as many you’d like. The result will be the same. We do not recommend a single layer that exceeds 10mm in thickness. This is because resin undergoes an exothermic reaction and can heat up quickly when it is too concentrated or in large volumes. The Curing TimeEpoxy resin undergoes a curing process, which is a chemical manifestation. It is not a drying time. The curing process of epoxy resin is directly related to the surrounding atmosphere temperature. Note: We do not recommend carrying a project with epoxy resin in cold temperatures.Curing time estimates: At 20C = 12-24 hoursAt 25C = 6-9 hoursAt 40C = 3 hoursAt 60C = 1.5 hoursAt 100C = 0.75 hours You can place the mixture in an oven not exceeding temperatures of 100C to speed up the curing. Getting the Right ResultsAll common pitfalls and mistakes are noted in our instructional manual which comes with every order, to help you get the perfect results from our epoxy resin. Here, we briefly highlight some of the commonest errors that can lead to non-curing of the resin and/or not getting a clear finish:· High Humidity: In damp and humid conditions, moisture can seep into the resin while it is curing, which can lead to the cured resin looking cloudy or blotchy or having fractures. Keep the area dry and warm (turn the heating or a heating fan on), prior to starting the project and keep it on for the first few hours.· Incorrect 2:1 Mixing Ratio: If the mixing ratio is inaccurate, the resin will not cure. Adding more Part B will not speed up the curing. Working with very small amounts (under 75g mixture) greatly increases the risk of error. Weigh with digital scales.· Unclean substrates/surfaces/objects: When you pour the epoxy resin, whatever you are pouring it over or into must be completely dry and clean, and free of any waxing, oiling and spraying agents, as these can impede curing and clarity of the finished product. Shelf-Life and Best Use· For best results, we recommend using the epoxy resin within 1-2 months of purchase.· Shelf Life = 6 months from date of manufacture. PROPERTIES A BColor Transparent liquid Transparent liquidSpecific gravity 1.19g/cm3 1.08g/cm3Viscosity at 25 deg C 1,600-2,600cps 320-500cps

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