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100 Dvd Lot Kids/Family Tv Shows, Cartoons, Disney, Pixar, Nick Jr. PBS & More

100 Dvd Lot Kids/Family Tv Shows, Cartoons, Disney, Pixar, Nick Jr. PBS & More

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DVD, cinéma

Prix: 69,99 USD (56,99 EUR)

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  • disney Movies, disney princess: warner brothers
  • Format: DVD
  • Region Code: DVD: 1
  • Rating: G, PG, PG-13
  • Genre: Disney, Pbs Kids, Nick Jr., Action & Adventure, Animation & Anime, Children's & Family, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Educational, Exercise & Fitness, Foreign Language, Horror, TV Shows
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100 kids DVDs lot! Pictures are to show you the wide variety of titles we have! These are random unpicked kids movies and shows, we include disney movies, pixar, pbs, nickelodeon, baby einstein and many many more. This is an incredible deal and you can easily bundle and resell or use for you retail store or garage sale. We are a volume seller and we don't cherry pick any of these movies. Some boxes may contain more disney and some may contain less as we box tens of thousands of movies per day. Some may be scratched and some may be new. We make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied and pride ourselves on being the top wholesale media supplier on ebay Please note these are assorted lots that are pre made we do not customize these lots! We have over 50,000 kids movies in stock! All items have not been tested to play! We go through hundreds of thousands of movies a month so it is not possible to check them. Please assume items will need to be surfaced. Just worse case scenario. We Include a variety of kids DVDs in each box some May contain Disney some do not. It’s a pre made box we make prior to customers ordering when one sells we place a label on the pre made box and ship it. We also do not cherry pick our lots for any items. That is why we don’t customize them we make it fair. Also we do not accept returns for these items. We have sold over 40,000 boxes already!

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