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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Bulgaria
  • Product: Honey
  • Food Specifications: Homemade, Organic
  • Type: Honey
  • Product Type: Honey
  • Form: Jar
  • Unit Type: kg
  • Food Aisle: Fresh
  • Brand: Honey
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100%PURE RAW ORGANIC HONEY 1KG ( NEW harvested 2020) 100% NATURE HOME MADE HONEY HARVESTED MAY 2020 100% TASTE AND HEALTHY UNFILTERED,UNHEATED AND UNPASTEURISED ENJOY THE GREAT HEALTH TASTE OF NATURE HONEYOrder the item before 2pm and i will post it on the same day second class Royal Mail Order after 2pm. will be dispatch on next working day.Orders of more than one item will be dispatch via Hermes.All orders more than one item are none refundable Full refund only if items are lost or damage.Please ask if you are not sure what you purchase. PLEASE NOTE:THE PICTURE IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY !!! !!!PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW CAREFULLY !!!***NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN UNDER 1 YEARS***may cause a allergyHoney crystallization or granulation is a natural phenomenon by whichhoney turns from liquid (runny) state to a semi-solid state. Beekeepersrefer to this as set honey.Naturally Crystallized honeyCrystallization of honey is little understood by the consuming public. Manyassume that honey appears crystallized to be an adulterated or unnaturalproduct. That is not so. Actually, crystallization process is natural andspontaneous. Most pure raw or unheated honey has a natural tendency tocrystallize over time. Crystallization does not affect the honey except forcolour and texture. Crystallized honey is not spoiled and preserves theflavour and quality characteristics of the liquid honey. Some honey userslike it in this state since it is easy to spread on bread or toast withoutdripping off and the taste is richer.Bear in mind that crystallization of honey has no bearing on its quality,but it is an attribute of pure and natural honey.Why honey crystallizes?Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution. It contains more than 70%sugars and less than 20% water. There is much sugar in honey relative tothe water content. This means that the water in honey contains an extraamount of sugar than it could naturally hold. The overabundance of sugarmakes honey unstable. It is natural for honey to crystallize since it is an over-saturated sugarsolution. The two principal sugars in honey are fructose (fruit sugar) andglucose (grape sugar). The content of fructose and glucose in honeyvaries from one type of honey to the other. Generally, the fructose rangesfrom 30- 44 % and glucose from 25- 40 %. The balance of these twomajor sugars is the main reason that leads to crystallization of honey, andthe relative percentage of each determines whether it crystallizes rapidlyor slowly. What crystallizes is the glucose, due to its lower solubility.Fructose is more soluble in water than glucose and will remain fluid.When glucose crystallizes, it separates from water and takes the form oftiny crystals. As the crystallization progresses and more glucosecrystallizes, those crystals spread throughout the honey. The solutionchanges to a stable saturated form, and ultimately the honey becomesthick or crystallized.Some honeys crystallize uniformly; some will be partially crystallized andform two layers, with the crystallized layer on the bottom of the jar and aliquid on top. Honeys also vary in the size of the crystals formed. Someform fine crystals and others large, gritty ones. The more rapid honeycrystallizes, the finer the texture will be. Crystallized honey tends to set alighter/paler colour than when liquid. This is due to the fact that glucosesugar tends to separate out in dehydrating crystals form, and that glucosecrystals are naturally pure white. Darker honeys retain a brownishappearance. PLEASE NOTE:All orders of more than one item are NOT REFUNDABLE unless Lost or DamageFor change of mind or order by mistake NO REFUNDFor Lost or Damage items instant full refund after proof of damage/image/

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