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100% Authentic Pokemon Cards!!!

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Prix: 11,99 USD (9,88 EUR)

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  • Gender: Boys & Girls
  • Character Family: Pokemon
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Features: Holo
  • Card Type: Pokémon
  • Language: English
  • Manufacturer: Pokemon
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Vendeur: bye-ez-collectibles
  • Lieu où se trouve l'objet: Houston, Texas
  • Pays: US - US
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Pokemon TCG Trading Card Game You will receive 100 Pokemon TCG Cards total including : 100 ASSORTED AUTHENTIC POKEMON TRADING CARDS INCLUDES 6 HOLO CARDS & 4 RARE CARDS - GUARANTEED! AMAZING MIX OF GREAT CARDS! WHY BUY FROM US? 1. Cards are all brand new, mint condition! 2. Cards are from all the newest sets and even have some great new full art uncommons/commons. 3. Very few if any duplicates! 4. Fast & Free Shipping! 5. Great gifts and party packs for kids! We are a trusted online seller of trading card game singles, boxes and supplies! Buy with confidence! --- --- — It is very important to us that you are 100% Satisfied with your purchase from Bye.Ez.Collectibles - so we offer you our personal 5-Star Guarantee! If anything about the transaction could have been improved, or if there are any problems at all with your order, please contact us immediately, and we guarantee we can make it right for you! Cards are all from the NEWEST Pokemon Sets - XY, SM and beyond! Including Sun & Moon Cards all the way to the latest set!!!! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR A COMPLETE REFUND! Repeat customers: Please let me know you are a returning customer and I will make sure to not ship you any duplicates! Custom orders: If this item is a gift for you or someone you know, please let me know if they have a favorite Pokemon or Pokemon type and I will put together a package around that theme! Common questions about this lot 1) Are the cards authentic? Yes. All cards are bought and opened by Bye.Ez.Collectibles LLC from licensed Pokemon distributors and sorted into unique lots. 3) Will I get powerful cards? Many shiny cards? Our lots contain 90 common and uncommon cards, 4 rares and 6 holographic cards. For those who are unaware, a common card is denoted by a black circle in the bottom left or right corner. An uncommon card had a black diamond in the bottom left or right corner, while a rare have a black star. The cards pulled are random so no attempt or promises are made about their HP or power, just that they are random. Generally there will be only 10 holographic or rare cards, with the rest being regular common/uncommon and rare. See the second photo of this listing for examples of cards provided in this lot. Cards in the first photo are possible "bonus" cards for repeat customers (you must let us know you are a repeat customer upon checkout for a chance!). 4) I didn't like my cards, what now? We offer easy and full refunds regardless of the reason. Simply reach out to us and we will arrange a return to be made. Our #1 goal is to ensure everyone is happy. We have kids too who love to collect and nothing is more devastating than if they are looking forward to something and just didn't like it for whatever reason. We are here to ensure everyone is happy at the end of the day. 5) Who is this lot good for? This is a perfect lot for someone who is looking to collect Pokemon or start to learn the game to play. 100 different cards is a great way to start or boost a collection. 6) Who is this lot NOT good for? Anyone who only cares about EX/GX/V cards (i.e the most powerful and expensive cards in the game). You would be better off to buy individual cards (we sell hundreds here at Bye.Ez.Collectibles LLC). Remember, to get 100 authentic or real EX, GX, or V cards, you would have to spend at least $200-$300. At the end of the day we are here to help and if you have any question don't hesitate to reach out! This lot includes cards from any of the following expansions: Black & White Emerging Powers Noble Victories Next Destinies Dark Explorers Dragons Exalted Boundaries Crossed Plasma Storm Plasma Freeze Plasma Blast Legendary Treasures XY Flashfire Furious Fists Phantom Forces Primal Clash Roaring Skies Ancient Origins BREAKthrough BREAKpoint Generations Fates Collide Steam Siege Evolutions Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Burning Shadows Shining Legends Crimson Invasion Ultra Prism Forbidden Light Celestial Storm Dragon Majesty Lost Thunder Team Up Detective Pikachu Unbroken Bonds Unified Minds Hidden Fates Cosmic Eclipse Sword & ShieldRebel Clash


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